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Japan, 5 Central Asian countries affirm importance of rules-based order


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Let’s face it, these are American rules.

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the five former Soviet republics are growing distrustful of Russia

And how can these five be able to sit on two stools? They did not condemn Moscow in person. The same cowards as J, which forgot which country dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I wonder what is written about Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japanese school textbooks? I wouldn't be surprised if they say the Russians bombed.

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Agree with Yokohamarides.

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Let’s face it, these are American rules.

So not using force in international disputes and not using economic coercion are American rules? I am surprised you have such a high opinion of the US.

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Unilateral rule based laws.

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yokohamaridesToday  06:50 am JST

Let’s face it, these are American rules.

They’re the rules that have stopped another world war. They’re the rule that have reduced all wars since 1945. They’re the rules that all countries signed ups to. Maybe they were suggested by the US, France, UK, Russia et al.

but if you don’t like them sir, what would you suggest? Do you have anything better?

its abit like complaining about the UN, but you really haven’t anything better to replace it with. Bottom line is, the UN and the world treaties, and rules have made the world richer, healthier and wealthier post WW2.

Lets face it, even if they were American, they’ve served the world well, especially after the US were dragged into both world wars.

By the way, there are no rules written down and is only a phrase used post WW2 and post Cuban middle crisis. You might have studied about them in school.

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Japan, 5 Central Asian countries affirm importance of rules-based order:

How strange for a nation that itself has not been concerned with international rule-based order to affirm its importance.

Have the 5 countries been enticed & lured by Japan's promised aids in Tokyo..?

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