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Japan, 8 others agree to slash saury fishing quota by 25%


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This is long overdue but welcome news. The majority of Japan’s fish stocks have been overfished for years due to unsustainable practices.

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Good going on agreeing to work together for a change- Is it really so hard?

Don't let others interfere and mess things up.

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Even after the latest change, the quota still far exceeds the actual amount of saury caught by commission members Japan, Canada, China, the European Union, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and Vanuatu.

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It isn't as if China and Russia have never lied about their intentions........

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How are Japan, Canada, China, European Union, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and Vanautu going to time their fishing shedules for saury? And, how do these countries know where in the seven oceans saury are gathering to be caught? And, during which season can saury be found in large enough numbers to be caught?

Finally, please forgive my poor knowledge of our planet's geography. "Isn't Vanautu a small island in the south Pacific with a teeny population? And, why is Vanautu included among countries like the above named which can total in the billions? China alone has one and a half billion."

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Now watch the old men and women here whine about saury prices and reminisce about how they have always eaten it on such and such a day each year and how other countries should stop fishing it altogether so Japan can "have its traditions". I have a feeling while these nations may well reduce their catch rate quotas, it won't stop them from importing it from nations that have no such intention... as with tuna.

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