Japan accepts talks with South Korea on WTO arbitration


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Go Japan, we stand with you!

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Japan has no qualms about responding to SK's demand for WTO arbitration because it is confident in it's position. After all it is a security issue and SK has had 3 years to provide the requested information but chose to ignore it. Compare that with South Korea's refusal to abide by the Arbitration Clause of the 1965 Treaty which could resolve tje SK court ruling issue. Or worse, SK's refusal to settle the Liancourt Rocks Dispute at the ICJ three times. Yet South Korea is the first to go running to others to support their position on any issue, and if Japan chose to raise the very same issue at the WTO, ie; South Korea having removed Japan from their whitelist, how is SK going to explain the reason other than that it was simply a tit-for-tat childish response?

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It seems to me Japan will not lose as long as it doesn't break the rules of WTO.

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Even if it lost, what will happen ?

It is not like punitive penalties will be imposed on the losing party.

I don't take all these rulings without bite seriously

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Japan cannot lose. Simple as that. Korea, on the other hand, has everything to lose.

6 ( +15 / -9 )

Lots of cognitive dissonance on here. Can't say I'm surprised though. I called this week's ago. abe and his equally inept stooges realized they bit off more than they could chew.

-6 ( +8 / -14 )

Isn't this precisely what the Japanese government said last month that it would never do?

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Tokyo's tightening of export controls.

There they go again, the media misrepresenting the situation concerning Japan...

Japan hasn't 'tightened' or 'curbed' anything, it has normalised them. South Korea was getting exclusive (in Asia) preferential treatment of export approvals before the normalisation. Now, they are inline with all other Asian countries.

When they say tightened or curbed or whatever, they are implying that it's a restriction or somehow impacting their ability to obtain goods. It's not. It's simply like moving someone from an airline's business class seat to economy class. They still arrive at exactly the same destination, it's just that there are other more trustworthy people sitting in a section with slightly larger seats that get to disembark the plane before them.

But no, explaining it like that wouldn't draw enough clicks or views. It also would make South Korea look even more petulant and insufferable than it already does.

8 ( +15 / -7 )

expatToday  11:15 am JST

Isn't this precisely what the Japanese government said last month that it would never do?

Are you complaining that they're being reasonable?

Sugawara said:

"Japan's position is that its review of trade controls is consistent with WTO rules and that there is no change to that. We will give South Korea a thorough explanation."

Japan is taking the opportunity to explicitly explain the situation to them so South Korea stop publicly crying about so-called 'mistreatment'. They are now being treated normally (something so long overdue even the South Koreans thought it was a joke) and they can't handle it. Hence the protests and boycotts and increased anti-Japan social media campaigns even moreso than usual.

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I think I read that one of the requirements of arbitration, is a 30-day negotiation period prior to the arbitration, to try to come to an agreement on their own. Which would make sense - regardless of which side you're on, coming to an agreement keeps things somewhat in your control, while being forced into one through arbitration takes away that control. And both countries will be more likely to follow through with the decision, if they have come to it themselves, rather than someone else coming to it.

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It seems to me Japan will not lose as long as it doesn't break the rules of WTO.

even if it loses it takes on average 2yrs for the WTO arbitration to make rulings, more than enough time for Japan to prove its point, if Japan didnt reply then Korea could have had their hearing expedited under WTO rules, good move by Japan

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Whatever japan does so forth with sk from now on should Alys be done with a third party as a witness otherwise sk will just change anything as per their liking so be tough japan

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I think the biggest problem in South Korea is the low quality of the law department of the university.

Basic understanding such as prohibition of retroactive punishment, separation of power, and compliance with international law is too shallow.

1 ( +8 / -7 )

Ah boy...

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

I think the biggest problem in South Korea is the low quality of the law department of the university.

Waoh, low quality?

Have you attended law school in SK?

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Dear S. Korea

Lets move forward together from past pain and normalize relations again like the 1965 aggrement says.

I understand looking back at history and the past, but it shouldn't be used to break apart relations with Japan and destroy present and future relations.


If S. Korea keeps its 1965 aggrement that's all that Japan ask for.

We don't ask to remove comfort woman status,.

Dont ask to give back Takeshima.

We're not asking to fix your text books because it has too much Anti-Japan propaganda.

We're not quitting GSOMIA just because of some trade issue, security and trade should be separate.

We didn't force you to sign in 1965 Just like we didn't force you to sign 2015.

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