Japan against withdrawal of U.S. forces from Korean Peninsula


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Of course. Every despotic regime needs an excuse to exist. Otherwise the corruption behind the curtain is revealed.

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"It is my understanding that there is no such idea in the minds of the U.S. side nor in the mind of President (Donald) Trump,"

There is also no such idea in the minds of the Pentagon or Sectretary of Defense Mattis.

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I would like to have all American troops removed from foreign soil, except those needed to protect embassies. Don't see that happening in my lifetime.

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Japan against withdrawal of U.S. forces from Korean Peninsula

But why? Because Abe fears those withdrawing troops will be sent to Japan instead, and Abe can't host them in mainland Japan since Okinawa is already packed and can't put more US troops there?

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Keep the Troops in Korea -Don't trust NK to keep any deals , they're proven liars .

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You can’t say japan is against it. Abe is only one person. 99% of Japanese don’t want them around here. Just abe and is cronies.

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So Korea doesn't want them either!

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Abe knows full well that he will not get the constitutional amendment passed in a referendum. The social conditions for doing so are not yet favourable.

According to the experts in demoscopy they calculate that until 2035 as minimum. There will not be favorable political and social conditions to achieve a constitutional reform with real possibilities to succeed. Any attempt at constitutional reform before that year will end in resounding failure.

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Getting the U.S. Army of Occupation out of the Koreas is a first class idea. But, this is unlikely to occur. What IS likely to occur is that, if Nihon keeps insisting on U.S. troops continuing to occupy Hanguk even after Bukhan and Hanguk conclude the suspended war and sign for Peace, then Nihon had better expect a large bill from trump to pay for those troops. And a reunited people of 'Hanbando' (Chosŏn Pando) might have their own opinion, as well, which I strongly suspect will be "America, time to go home", the best for everyone.

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