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Japan to refocus foreign aid on maritime, economic security and national interests


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Many countries are doing this. Instead of giving cash to the poorest to keep them alive and give them a chance, they are switching to buying influence. Thus the final vestige of morality in modern politics vanishes.

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Japan to refocus foreign aid on maritime, economic security and national interests of the US.

Fixed the headline.

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Japan to refocus foreign aid on maritime, economic security and national interests

I thought Japan budget will focus on child rearing and parent for new baby? Is changing again now?

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But in the meantime health insurance, city tax and pensions payments go up with the cost of living. Stop playing statesman and focus on the lives of people living in the country you are supposed to be helping..

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What were they focused on before?! Japan should deeply consider inflation it's exporting globally with record balance sheet BOJ money printing.

Problem = inflation elephant in room of foreign countries

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ODA should support economic development, public utilities, education, medicine and things like that. Security assistance should come out of a different budget.

USAID does not purchase coast guard vessels and radars for "needy" countries.

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Ah, if only Japan could find a way to use all this money for domestic purposes since it seems to easy to shuffle around billions upon billions... you know... try using it at home where the politicians constantly say "There's no money for those social programs. Sorry. Gotta raise taxes again. No money to help raise children because there are not enough people in the work force. Sorry. No money for pension payouts, so you gotta work until 75 from 2030. Sorry!".

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Japanese live at the mercy of Russia,China ,North Korea you lives can be impacted as little as 5 minutes on a giving day ,Just like sand in an hour glass,so is the days of Japanese lives

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