Japan and Australia nearing FTA deal


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Why mention China? Why even a free trade deal politicized as against China? The media is really too touchy. Whenever there's a touchy subject, the media puts a big net on it and magnifies it 10 times. They are part of the problem!

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Why mention China?

There does seem to be a campaign to needle China in any way possible.

I think the US is trying to isolate China, box it in with huge bases all around it and try to ruin it the way they did with the USSR. They hope the constant needling will cause them to make a mistake and then there will be an excuse for war.

My guess is that China is beginning to seriously worry the US. Economically China is expanding, buying land wherever it's cheap, building up its cities, expanding its influence world wide. The US seems to be well on the way to communism, spying on its people, cutting down on freedom of speech and expression while China is loosening up and become (slightly) more free and more capitalist.

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Assie doesn't have a relevent car manufacturing industry so a tarrif on import cars is pointless and dis-service to the Australian population as a whole.

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Wouldn't free be zero tariffs across the board? Seems like the Aussie farmers are getting the smelly end of the stick being used to beat China.

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There will always be exemptions within these kind of trade agreements between binding nations. I believe Australia will still have an upper hand over the other exporters of beef like the US, SA nations and/or Canada which really counts since the price of domestic beef is much higher in comparison even with the present tariff is in place.

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$58B? Truly unbelievable. More mirages being created every day. Shinzo Abe has certainly been real bust printing out fables after fables. But, the house of cards must fall some day and it has begun.......

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