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Japan and Britain aim for trade deal by end of July, Tokyo negotiator says


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The UK is fast falling apart, let them get their act together before you sign anything!

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We need to adjust ambitions to a realistic level

That's a big oof.

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The UK and Europe Have Fallen Apart already.

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so if Japan get 0% tariffs on cars in 8 yrs for the UK and EU, then why would Japan need to keep its factories in the UK or EU for that matter. does anybody think the EU will allow 0% tariffs on UK exports. yeah this could end badly for UK manufacturers

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The Japanese end product is the whole car which rolls off the assembly line in the UK . With No trade deal in sight between the UK & EU I can't see where this is going .

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UK by leaving E.U. Is affecting Japan in terrible ways. If Japan knew from the beginning you would only be a temporary member, we would not have invested the huge amounts of money we had in your country.

UK should definitely try to understand the situation that they voted on and supported will have consequences not only with Japan but other countries as well.

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Is there a country that ever benefited from a trade deal with Japan ?

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The way things are going for UK, Japan could probably negotiate a bargain price for a pair of brand new aircraft carriers. Goodness knows the JMSDF could use them right now.

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Love the cheerful upbeat positive thinking everyone has about anything nowadays! Heaven help us all is this trade deal actually helps both sides and eases everyone's economic misfortune!

But alas I forget, everyone on an internet forum is an expert! :)

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