Japan and Germany to hold first '2 plus 2' dialogue talks in April: report


The foreign and defense ministers of Japan and Germany are looking to hold a "2 plus 2" dialogue online in mid-April, the daily Yomiuri reported on Monday.

The "2 plus 2" talks will be the first among the two countries, and they are expected to discuss ways to defense and a "free and open Indo-Pacific" in face of an increasingly assertive China, the report said, citing multiple unidentified sources.

Although the exact schedule is not yet confirmed, the two parties are looking to speak on April 16, the Yomiuri also said.

Countries such as the United States and Japan have become increasingly alarmed as China takes an increasingly aggressive foreign policy approach in the Indo-Pacific region.

A German frigate expected to set sail for Asia in August will become the first German warship to cross the South China Sea since 2002 on its return journey.

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How about have a trade agreement instead of a let’s bully China agreement?

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@Goodlucktoyou.... Bully China ? Are you Kidding ? We should have been at War with China already to help rid them of the infestation commonly known as the CCP. The CCP Organisation has been bullying the World .. culminating with their Biological attack on Commerce. It's been forewarned, and now the playbook is unravelling as per those forewarnings - that just is the way the CCP works. I feel sorry for the Chinese Peoples, and hope that they will be liberated some day.

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