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Japan apologizes to former Canadian POWs


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Congratulations to the Japanese government for apologizing to former WWII Canadian POWS. Japan continues to set a high standard for global reconciliation.

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So where is the actual text of the apology? What words were actually offered?

I suspect 'regrettable' was a key word?

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Thanks for the info JT. It's rare that you hear details about the Canadian Forces in WWII.

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So do they get compensation for this??

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Little late, Japan killed almost 40% of the 2000 there & many died premature after the war, pretty much sums up how Japan operated back in those days, wud like to see this supposed apology especially given the "apologies " Japan has handed out over the years.

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cruzian1: "Congratulations to the Japanese government for apologizing to former WWII Canadian POWS. Japan continues to set a high standard for global reconciliation."

Ummm... yes and no. Lest we forget this comes on the heels of Canada apologizing (again) to Japanese who were forced into camps after the Pearl Harbor attack and later subject to grueling work conditions (not getting their land back) or being having to go 'back' to Japan (with many children having been born in Canada). As such this seems to me to be a kind of Okaeshi apology.

That said, an apology never hurts, and Japan IS doing quite a bit of apologizing to former POWs (Australian nurse the other day). As can be seen here, an apology can set the standard for receiving one back and mending ties long overdue.

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The Japanese government on Thursday apologized to former Canadian prisoners of war for their suffering during World War II,

No, transcript of the apology...? I mean, this news article is all about an apology, but the only thing contained in the story is some quotes by the Canadian foreign minister... This story doesn't seem a little lacking...?

I mean, you really could have left out the Canadian response, but leaving out the actual text of the apology is synonymous with saying, "The NY Yankees gave the San Francisco Giants real shellacking!" and then leaving out the score...

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Suppose it is late, though the Americans never apologized for putting my family in a concentration camp for 2 years. The Americans did not do this to the Germans or Japanese. As for being critical of Japan, it discourages them from doing more.

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I suspect 'regrettable' was a key word?

And 60 years too late. Some never heard this and died.

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You guys can complain all you want but it's pretty obvious that Noda is trying to right the wrong (however remotely possible it is). He can't change the fact that LDP didn't care about it in the past for decades. He is doing what he can as the current PM. I thought Noda would be another short term PM but I am starting to think that he might be the real deal.

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But does Japan really mean it? for defense she relies on a nation that still continues to torture POWs and doesn't accept the jurisdiction of the Hague over its soldiers.

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Yuriko- some Americans are willing to apologized to you family for confiscating and destroy your private property before marching your family to a concentration camp, just not the US gov.

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