Cabinet OKs ¥2.2 bil aid for flood-hit regions; ¥400 bil package to follow


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Too much sufferings this year.

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Good we have such a great politician as Shinzo Abe as a leader now. He knows when people need money and how to handle the budget. We hope you will lead us through these dark days! Thank you!

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I wish I could just magic money up out of thin air, like the Japanese government does.

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used to deliver "supplies essential to people's lives and livelihoods" such as water, food and emergency cardboard beds to ad hoc shelters, and face masks, 

Deliver water to floods?

emergency cardboard beds to floods?

how about evacuation to empty hotels with beds and water?

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Deliver water to floods?

Obviously drinking water. Kind of hard to drink muddy flood water.

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@Bernard Marx

I wish I could just magic money up out of thin air, like the Japanese government does.

Many other countries also wish they could. Japan is soooo lucky. It can issue a strong and safe currency almost at will. Japan's monetary sovereignty is a blessing.

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My heart goes out to those in sadness, this year. Cheer up.

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Prime minister Abe with staff including aide visited damaged area with ignoring backlash from SNS despite anxiety of local people against Corona virus from Tokyo.

And they prepared far huge budget in comparison with past flood disaster.

because they want to revive support rate and to evade criticism against 10 trillion yen that Govt can use it freely.

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In the above picture we can see 3 diggers smashing the old house up, it must be soul destroying to watch your family home disappear into a pile of matchsticks in an hour, all of those years cleaning, watching your kids grow up, family memories, all gone, and they can't be replaced, this is very sad.

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Brian, the shovel-cars were not smashing the house -- they were supporting the damaged structure to hold it in place, and prevent it from sliding further down the slope...

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