Japan, ASEAN to shore up financial ties


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Finance chiefs from China and South Korea also skipped a meeting of the ASEAN +3 grouping.

...and India just provided venue for holding the meeting?

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Did China skip because of the large number of conflicts it has created with so many of her neighbors? From this side of the ocean it seems China continues to alienate herself more and more!

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PRC and ROK politicians are behaving like schmucks letting their national(ist) grievances with Japan get in the way of international relationships in the region. Abdicating their positions in this way allows Japan to forge closer ties with ASEAN nations unhindered (good), while they throw tantrums in isolation over things no-one else in the region cares about.

Understandable from the CCP who are having territorial disputes with about half of the members of ASEAN and whose idea of political engagement is having their neighbors kowtow to them and their demands - but an inane and immature move coming from the ROK who are making themselves look as balmy as the CCP.

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This article points out an excellent example of Japan's emerging leadership in ASEAN and around Asia in general. Japan's leadership is most welcomed.

Thank you very much.

Respectfully Submitted: Mark Kazuo Bradley

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Finance chiefs from China and South Korea also skipped a meeting of the ASEAN +3 grouping.

Old habits are hard to break for Korea. A tributory state for a thousand years, is it any wonder that SK and her new president is leaning heavily towards China?

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