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Japan, Australia discuss sub deal, closer defense ties


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Japan's diesel-electric submarine fleet is one of the best in the world.

Hopefully, this deal will go through. Would love to see Japan's arms industry come-back. Great for Japan, and Australia.

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Australia is also in talks with Germany and France about a A$40 billion plan to replace its Collins-class submarines.

Basically this is a act by the Australian government to obtain a better deal from Japan but every military watchers knows that neither France or Germany has an actual sub that fits all the criteria Australia is seeking for their sub replacement plans.

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Those people in Japan opposed to the presence of US military bases, especially in Okinawa, should support PM Abe push for greater role for the JSDF. If JDSF did more to secure sea lanes and security of surrounding areas, there will be no need for the large presence of US military bases in Japan.

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Australia could combine the best of the best technologies from Japan, France, Germany and Sweden for our new class Subs.

Stealth hydrodynamic with super strength hulls designs from Europe for better dive and speed, combine with the super quiet Mitsubishi propulsion system... Well, that would give our new sub fleets the capability of the sea wolf killer whales...

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