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Japan, Australia sign security information deal


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There was a poll the other night on the 7pm project (australian tv show) that asked the question "if you have to choose between america or china to be best friends with, who would you choose"..

Surprisingly 46% of Australians who took the poll chose china... I didn't know who I would choose, I really love japan and Australia, but to pick china over america would mean cutting certain ties with japan. It's good to see Aus and Jap forming stronger bonds, I just don't know how long its going to last.

PS. The reason I believe 46% of people prefer china over america is not because china is getting more popular but America is simply losing popularity.

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Japan has to look for USA,Australia,NATO and France to counter rising China shows the bankruptcy of its foreign policy. Can China be stumped without help of India,Vietnam, Philippines,south Korea who all fear China more than Japan due to territorial claims. Wake up Japan and forge tries with Asians

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Japan and security? hahaha Japan

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Wake up Japan and forge tries with Asians

Well Japan was about to sign a deal with South Korea, it was the South Korean side that is stalling on issues because they are stuck in the past.

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Next month Australia suspends security arrangement with Japan.

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The clock is ticking.....the rise of China is the demise of Japan, run for cover! Oh by the way, when did australia has ICBM could reach China? Must be very amusing!

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