Cabinet adviser Ishihara resigns amid flak for taking COVID subsidies


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What a shocker…..says no one ever.

Loads of politicians take extra jobs, extra subsidies, backhanders. It’s the way it is for a lot of these old boys.

Wonder which old boy mate Fumio will appoint to the role next.

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The article is a bit unclear as it is not illegal to receive subsidies. It is almost even covering for Ishihara with most of the text quoting excuses.

Perhaps they should explain more why its morally wrong so that they don’t just get to make the excuse “oh I didn’t do anything technically wrong, but yeah sorry if I offended you.”

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In this week’s political scapegoat news…….

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The development, a blow to Kishida who appointed Ishihara to the post only a week ago, comes as the political group was found to have received around 600,000 yen in pandemic-related subsidies last year.

How about the return on investment for the 95 percent of the massive subsidy packages since 2020 directed at various businesses? Ishihara is a small fry, while Dentsu and Abenomask manufacturers, for example, swim away unscathed.

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An LDP poltician caught up in a scandal?? I'm shocked! Say it ain't so!

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In the Japanese press there was a large outcry about Kishida finding a cushy position for Ishihara even though he had lost the election. I wonder if this mini scandal is cover for getting rid of an unpopular choice. As the article states, technically he did nothing wrong, so if Kishida really wanted him, he could have tried to explain what happened.

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he only got where he did because of his family name

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Those folks always "bounce back" after a short while.

I believe it is called "failing forward" and and is a blessing that happens to those born to privilege.

Political, financial...there are so many examples here, in the US, Europe..I am sure quite a few names and types come to mind.

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Ishihara is one of the few Japanese politicians who don’t dye their gray hair black. Maybe he should if he wants to win back his seat.

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Oh no!

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As a son of the former Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara, he used to be one of the hopefuls to the post of Prime Minister. After losing the latest election and this scandal, the hope is dashed.

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Now unemployed, mushoku. If they followed the law then what is the big deal?

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who is next jiji in line?

its so pathetic but its norm here...

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Kishida told reporters that Ishihara had explained that the group had received the money in accordance with proper procedures but offered to resign to avoid causing trouble.

So bribes are ok 'in accordance with proper procedures'

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Eventually Japan is going to make Public Office so unattractive they will need to bring in Technical Intern to run the place. A USD equivalent of $55,000 subsidy to a special interest group that may or may not be legit? Wow, really? $55k to his gardener might be worth noting, but in most Countries probably wouldn’t be enough to leak out of the inner circle in most countries. As a country that does business with $10k nights out at Hostess Bars, try cutting the people willing to serve you some slack.

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600,000 yen is nothing for most politicians around the world. Ask the US and you will know just what true corruption really is.

I think is too harsh considering officials are humans too and many also had suffered through the pandemic and has lack of funding. They file the papers and went through the normal procedures to get the subsidies. This feel more like a ploy of the opposition once again trying their hardest to make it difficult for officials to do their work. And this was not even a person but the party itself that receive this pitiful subsidy. What can they even do with that amount?

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Kishida wants to defend democracy and its key values while another shady politician business pops up. I really wonder whether those guys know what they are talking about when using terms like human rights, democratic values, or equal treatment. Anyway, I realized they mean something very different from what I think.

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I think is too harsh considering officials are humans too and many also had suffered through the pandemic and has lack of funding. 

Yep, just that it just came out that those "humans" were making 1 Mio JPY for a day's "work" on the election day and that they (1) don't need to evidence use of this monthly cash, (2) do not need to return it and (3) can basically keep it as pocket money.

I'm human too, where's my million-a-month?? There 127 Mio "humans" on this island, why is it just a few hundred tossers who get away with it??

BTW, have you ever heard of an official who has not received his pay-check every month????? Sources please!

On a side-note, in Japan I did work in the embassy of my own country as the accountant/treasurer. Embassy staff provided me with all invoices / receipts, all were duly entered in the accounting-system, matched against budget, archived to be sent back to home-country. All remaining balances were to be transferred back to home-country on a yearly basis. Every Yen was accounted for!

Politics in Japan look more an more like a third-world-backwater country by the day and ultimately, it's us who are paying the price for this hubris!

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@blue, isn't that like a whole different issue? You envying their salary has nothing to do with them applying papers to get 600.000yen as pandemic subsidies. They didn't break the rule.

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*I think is too harsh considering officials are humans too and many also had suffered through the pandemic and has lack of funding. *

I am answering to the highlighted bits. Ultimately, we are all humans, have all suffered through the pandemic and are all cash-strapped. Strangely enough, while a lot of people in real need are waiting for a palsy 100K, some whose financial unwell-being may be disputed have already received more than that.

Some people in this country are running out of rope, to pay for food, to pay for rent, etc. What rope is left will just be enough for a noose as a last exit. On the other hand, some are just worried whether they can reserve a seat in a steak house in Ginza this evening with the tax-payers footing the bill.

Contrary to what you seem to believe, I am not envying them (heck, no! I would prefer to hack off my right hand than getting into politics!), I am just asking why some are put on a higher seat than all of us and I am also challenging their morality. I am not "envious", Hiro. I am sick, tired and furious of the moral bankruptcy, arrogance and ineptitude I have been seeing for the last 17 years in this country.

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Blue ..very well said.

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The ldp have pilfering national coffers since the end of WWII non-stop!!

ishihara's appointment was straight up AMAKUDARI! And that wasnt enough so he was talking subsidies etc & for what??? What was he actually doing??? I think we all know the answer to that NOTHING, except bellying up to the trough!!!

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A political group headed by Toshitaka Ooka, senior vice environment minister, was also found to have received 300,000 yen in employment adjustment subsidies related to COVID-19. Kishida said he will ensure a full explanation is given.


And what of the hundreds of thousands without work having received a measly 100,000 yen over two years?

When the number of suicides is far higher than Covid casualties then something is very wrong in Japan…

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Seems like a decoy. 600.000 yens is peanut to compare with the billions, JTB, Dentsu and other cronies cashed out during the pandemic.

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The scandal importance come from realizing that nothing about this would be unknown to Kishida, and that nobody thought this flagrant conflict of interest had any negative impact on giving him such an important post. That would mean it is likely it has happened with some frequency, just not reported in the media like in this case.

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A very interesting (and timely) article from...Kyodo (no sarcasm for a change).


A 10 Bio JPY fund was established for people struggling financially under the pandemic and 90,000 applications were accepted. Unfortunately, this is less than half the expected number, reason being that the requirements to fulfill to be eligible are...too stringent...

Seems like the conditions are easier to satisfy if you are a 3rd rate second-generation politician, I guess...

You can't simply make this BS up...

Oh yeah, as far as poor ol' Ishihara goes, his wiki-profile has a dedicated paragraph on his political fund-raising.


He doesn't seem to be too picky as to where he gets the money from. Not necessarily all illegal, but some definitely shady with some suspicions of illegal financial tossed in for good measure.

If you add that his father is Shintaro Ishihara, renowned writer, right-wing nutter and ex-Tokyo governor and his uncle was Ishihara Yujiro Showa film and TV super-star, our friend Ishihara is not exactly a single notch above sleeping in a blue tent in Ueno park, me thinks.

This guy was just another wannabe blue-blood tosser with a high-sense of self-entitlement (read: parasite) who spent a life at tax-payers' expenses. Let's just hope we saw the last of this guy (not holding my breath...)

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Ah, the Ishihara family! I remember all the gaffes coming from that family at the turn of this century.

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