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Japan calls China's reported move on Hong Kong 'regrettable'


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Suga doesn't represent Japanese people. His illegal statement is voided.

HK is China's HK, Chinese HK. It is not terrorist's or colonist's HK. Imperialist's lies are not acceptable to northeast Asians.

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If Suga doesn't like what happens in HK, he can quit his northeast Asian's citizenship and move to his colonial master's occupied land and live under their "protections".

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The move towards Hong Kong is predictible and expected.

Being aggressive towards India with dozens of soldiers killed is not expected and was very aggressive.

The moves towards Japan by Chinese vessels, airplanes, submarines and drones have increase every year.

I'm in favor of better relations between Japan and China but the CCP should show more support towards Tokyo. Having Japan on your side is the way to success for China, how you avoid another century of humiliation.

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Japan takes a hard stance. Way to go!

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Japan loves the word regrettable. Japan ~ always the weak and never the strong.

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Yeah, while not quite as aggressive as some people would like, I like Japan taking a stance against the security law that China passed.

and for those of you who are saying that this is an internal Chinese affair, you’re forgetting about something. You’re forgetting about the agreement that China signed with Britain, to respect its capitalist system for 50 years, starting from 1997, when it was given (back) Hong Kong by the British. So no, this isn’t simply just an internal Chinese affair, as that CCP official said. This is about China reneging on an agreement that it signed with another country. Therefore, it’s not simply just China’s business.

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We are talking about PEOPLE ~ not countries, not politics, not systems, not agreements, not ideals, not trends. Hong Kong people do not want Hong Kong changed. I do not want Hong Kong changed. And China is all about change. And they will change Hong Kong with anything they can. Even with C_V_D1 !!

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Regrettable is usually use by someone who want nothing to do with it and just paying some lip service for the others(west) to see. We could care less what happen there. Right now Korea and Japan are fighting to replace HK as the new financial center for investment. Now that is what it is all about. HK can never free itself from China because it's a part of it and the West won't dare to intervene. All they can say is 'regrettable'

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"Regrettable" is often joked, but it is considered a strong expression in the diplomatic protocol. Japan's move this time was at least made faster and more strongly than wording in the G7 statement issued earlier regarding HK.

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Michael MachidaToday  09:08 am JST

Japan loves the word regrettable. Japan ~ always the weak and never the strong.

Regrettable is just one translation of 残念. Think of it as "Disappointed".

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There s NOTHING worth of "Regrettable"! If Japanese govt. is willing to study more on the "Basic Law of Hong Kong" and see the fact of what is real in that city!  Meanwhile the Hong Kong stock index "HangSeng Index (HSI)" is soaring at an all time high and still soaring during these difficult days of epidemics and trade wars! It is a remarkable achievement of Hong Kong under China's rule to endure the hardship instigated by Donald Trump's trade war! The Security Act for Hong Kong is not a doomsday act!

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Do something instead of talking.

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I can't stand commies

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It is true that after British "colonial" rule, HK is a "part" of China now. However, because of not only the difference cultures but in the very socia-political system and the people themselves, it was recognized by everyone that it required a system that allowed the differences to exist.

The entire system in China however is NOT "permissive", as it is dictatorial and restrictive. HK is contrary to the objectives and control of a country. It is extremely difficult to maintain "stability" in any country when there are conflicting systems which cannot be controlled by what laws, policies and procedures the central government requires for the rest of the country. China is not set up as with the US with independent and semi-autonomous States.

The international community, especially the British and the US had hoped as they did with WHO that China would "change" for what the Western nations thought as "better". So it was with Russia after the demise of USSR. This just proved that "hopeful" actions really are totally unpredictable and unenforceable. None is obligated or willing to follow a set of standards and values that is not already being practiced or believed in.

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IsthiezakToday  10:57 am JST

Regrettable is just one translation of 残念. Think of it as "Disappointed".

I haven't seen the Japanese announcement, but is the word not usually 遺憾 in cases like this?

I don't think so. When 遺憾 is used it seems to be expressing "dissatisfaction". Which is stronger than saying the situation is 残念. Either way obviously they aren't saying that they are happy about it.

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How many western coporatiins wanna to leave Hong Kong? That is their choice! But once they leave, they will lost their oppurtunity into Chinese market!

The H.S.B.C. is the one strongly approving this bill! They were big enough!

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Regrettable is not a word I would have chosen given that oppressive overlords have been given the green light to expand their freedom-hating ways to yet another international entity. Vote my comment down if you wish while the current forum we are all on allows you to have free speech.

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China is being allowed to trample people’s’ freedom and the world is doing little except weak protests.

if you let China get away, they will go for Taiwan and then come for you.

Nobody will raise a voice for you then, Japan!!!

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The CCP is made up of a bunch of brutal terrorists, they kill and main people, forcibly sterilize and are conducting a genocide.

Stop them before it’s too late.

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