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Japan calls for int'l cooperation to resolve N Korean abduction issue


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I thought this was resolved.

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Japan calls for int'l cooperation to resolve N Korean abduction issue

How many countries become victim of abduction? So no one else except Japan, then why should they care?

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Kim Jong Il was honest about the whereabouts of abductees that NK did kidnap, because Koizumi was dangling $10 billion reparation at the time. The rest went missing in Japan and are falsely blamed on North Korea.

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They are a supremely proud people with an extra ordinary proud leadership. Not bothering anybody and not want to be bothered by anybody. I LIKE THAT KIND OF FORTITUDE !!!

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Not bothering anybody...

Uh, in addition to the abductions, there's the  the manufacture and sale of fake consumer goods, human trafficking, arms trafficking, wildlife trafficking, counterfeiting of the US dollar, terrorism (Rangoon bombing).   All the "fun and games" are undertaken at the direction of the North Korean government with their "proceeds" going towards further development of the country's nuclear (and conventional) weapons production, funding the lifestyles of the military elite (and Porky himself) and propping up the North Korean economy...but I guess that kind of stuff doesn't really "bother" anybody.

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How many Korean men and women were abducted by Japan to be part of its war efforts?

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One of my favourite Bushisms:

I remember meeting a mother of a child who was abducted by the North Koreans right here in the Oval Office

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Unforgivable that North Korea is still refusing to return the likely many dozens of Japanese abductees. Some were just children when stolen, by the regime headed by the filthy and vile Kim Il-Sung.

The international community has Japans back on this. Time to ramp up maximum pressure on the despicable outlaw nation of NK. Unfortunately when rogue states like Russia and China keep trading with them, it is dufficult.

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I think the only reason why they still refuse to enter talks is because these abductees are either dead or have suffer such cruelty that the north are afraid of what the abductees would say to the media after being return.

Because otherwise i just don't see why they wouldn't return the victims. It would have help boast their image and even improve the ties again before this whole thing was revealed. Relationship with the north was not that bad before this whole abductees business was revealed.

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International cooperation has been as useful as thoughts and prayers against many other NK problems, specially their nuclear proliferation program. Something much less pressing for the global community as the abductions is not going to get even that much attention.

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It's laughable ...the log in our eyes...I mean.

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One of a few reasons North has been stirring up comfort women issue through Fake human rights groups

is to cancel out this issue

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There must be an election coming up.

"The abductions issue is a critical issue concerning the sovereignty of Japan and the lives and safety of Japanese citizens...we will do our utmost without missing any opportunities to ensure that all abductees return home as soon as possible," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato.

These abductions happened 40+ years ago and Japan has done absolutely nada since then. Kinda scary that a foreign power can some to your country, take citizens and your government does nothing.

For such a "critical" issue, they sure are slow...

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Nobody outside of Japan gives a crap about the abductions.

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Proof of how incompetent governments have been over the last 40 years. They could have stood up and started doing something practical. Instead, they just ask for international cooperation. I cannot believe how childish this is. Instead, they almost send a signal of "we can't do anything against you and you can do whatever you want. So at least let's show deep concern."

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Again? Take care of your own problems.

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If US citizens, at least 20 possibly up to hundreds, confirmed to be abducted, and North Korea responded "They all dead" and returned ashes of someone else proven DNA exams, what would the US would do to this country to help them out or, at least, to complete and be satisfied with all the possible efforts? That is what Japan could not do, YES.

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How many Korean men and women were abducted by Japan to be part of its war efforts?

Of course None abducted

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