Japan calls on U.S. military to report aircraft mishaps swiftly


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Yesterday JT reported on a Japanese military helicopter that had a door fall off... today this. JT is getting very good at riling up its readers. They know we're gonna say "what, what about the Japanese Military, they're dropping parts too".

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I did not see one protester on the news yesterday pertaining to the part of the military plane that fell off. Why? It was a doorpart and could have killed a few people.

When an American plane drops a bolt, all hell goes loose over it.

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It seems that US military and JSDF aircrafts cant stop droping parts or emergency landings whatever. Aircrafts are too old or maintence engineers are bad.

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Why, so they can panic and point fingers over something with no injuries faster and longer? I'm sure they were gathering all the facts before reporting for exactly this kind of purpose.

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Are the parts of military aircrafts so easily dislodged? Maybe because helicopters are always vibrating hard. I was in a helicopter long time ago but it was not comfortable at all. Heavy noises and vibrations.

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kwattToday  08:52 am JST

It seems that US military and JSDF aircrafts cant stop droping parts or emergency landings whatever. Aircrafts are too old or maintence engineers are bad.

Well, the JSDF is getting new F-35s. But you guys say they're crap too.....because they're a U.S. product. Maybe you think JSDF should buy Russian or Chinese aircraft instead?

But let's fix the problem, not the blame.

These mishaps can be remedied with more thorough training, preflight inspections and postflight maintenance. Perhaps the problem is due more to budget constraints and understaffing. Flight crews have tight schedules and maintenance crews have a tough job to do more with less.

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When you lose a war you can't challenge your masters

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Yes, hurry up and report it so the protesters can gather up and protest and so the media can have a story to go on about, because we all know nothing else is more important than all the REGRETTABLE incidents the military has been causing. :-/

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Do foreign airlines have to report to the Japanese government when something falls off of an airliner? (I guess I shouldn't give them any ideas...)

When something is moving 500 to 1600 miles per hour, there's a chance something might come loose. It just happens. That's why aircraft are inspected before and after a flight.

This is not an improperly installed window falling in a school yard. Instead of feeding fuel to the fire, why not teach people they need to be a little more realistic.

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They did not identify where the part was recovered. There was an article a few days ago that an aircraft part was recovered somewhere in Chiba. Is this in relation to that incident?

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