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BOJ issues apology over remark about Hitler


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Again with the "misunderstanding" excuse. If you don't have the courage to say you were wrong, don't bother apologizing. The only thing worse than having said something like that in the first place is a hollow apology.

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This is really a case of people being overly sensitive... He was pretty explicit in his meaning but because he said the "H" word, everyone just lost their mind.

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If Hitler implemented JM Keynes' policy prescriptions, Hilter enacted wonderful economic policies - is that what he wants to say?

Japan needs reforms not more government spending.

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Another apology? What happens to Japan? Something is really terribly going wrong. Where is Abe? Does he approve the apology?

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Perfectly in line with Taro Aso who said lawmakers should be “learning from the Nazis.”


Bunch of "Nazism nostalgia" around the Finance minister, it seems...

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Some references to certain historical characters evoke responses similar to that associated in the past with witchcraft and heresy. We have made great progress.

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I know a young woman, who is attending a technical college, every day someone in her class writes a "quote of the day" on the board and people discuss the meaning of the quote, she wrote something from Hitler, and was surprised when her teacher gave her and the rest of the class a lecture regarding the potential for misunderstanding, even though what she wrote was nothing "bad".

It's easy to understand how a 19 yr old young woman could misunderstand something that Hitler said, not knowing, nor being taught about the history around him and what he did, the BOJ..that's another story.

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No need to apologize.  Free speech is guaranteed in Japan.

Japan needs reforms not more government spending.

Please.  Japan doesn't need reforms but more government spending, which is obvious.

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No apologies required. The guy did not say anything wrong.

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Axis pact

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It's terrific for a public servant to show comprehension towards any of Hitler's policy!! This is a behaviour I have not seen by any board-bank member in the western world so far. Even if Hitler indeed did accomplish an economic ressuraection for Germany, it's still blameworthy for giving Hitler any praise and pleasing Hitler-symphatizers with such remarks!!

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Yea, good for Japan right? Hitler is a good role model for Japanese officials so no need to apologize. One day there will be a need for these officials to lead Japanese people to war again.

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 Hitler is a good role model for Japanese officials so no need to apologize.

It's hard to imagine what kind of feeble brain could infer that from Harada's comments. Well, perhaps not - those who supported Hitler at the time probably fall into the same category. Please consider for one moment that Harada was pointing out the dangers of a populist leader taking over when the established politicians are not providing the goods. It's a warning well worth heeding in current times.

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Apology culture... humiliating.

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This is NOT an apology, folks. The BOJ and Harada are essentially saying that we "misunderstood" Harada's remarks, which they maintain were correct. So they're essentially blaming us for failing to grasp his message.


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So many comments from people in influential positions and then so many apologies.

Isn't there a need in Japan to change this apology culture by having a system of large fines?

Say, 200000 yen for a slip of the tongue. And double that if the comment is revisionist, sexist or racist!

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What he said didn't praise Hitler's actions which are known to everybody. In fact he specifically stated that Hitler did horrible things. Looks like an example of the media making something out of his statement other than what it was. Happens all the time.

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Lee: The BOJ and Harada are essentially saying that we "misunderstood" Harada's remarks

You did. Quite a few of us here understood what he was saying without difficulty. Just the mere mention of Hitler causes some people to over-react and panic regardless, overlooking the real message.

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Please. Japan doesn't need reforms but more government spending, which is obvious.

it is not obvious to me that extra spending in addition to the quadrillion yen of debt already racked up is required.

It is obvious that spending hasn't worked many wonders.

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why apologise? if you say something, never apologise. otherwise you are a lier.

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"The Bank of Japan views with regret the fact that the remarks of one of its Board Members have become a source of misunderstanding, and will see to it that such incident will not repeat itself,"

views with regret the fact that the remarks of one of its Board Members have become a source of misunderstanding???

That's their pathetic excuse at an apology?

I had no intention at all to justify Hitler's economic policies," the bank quoted Harada as saying.

Really? You called them "appropriate" and "wonderful". How the hell is that not justifying them. IDIOT.

Yutaka Harada, a member of the board of the Bank of Japan, told a seminar on Thursday Hitler's economic policies had been"appropriate" and "wonderful" but had enabled the Nazi dictator to do "horrible" things to the world.

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That the LDPBOJ still cannot seem to wake from their back-to-the future wetdreams is worrying enough, but that Nazi economics with its "wages of destruction" built on debt and racing downhill to inflation, bankruptcy or war can be wheeled out as a model to be praised let alone emulated should make us all afraid, very afraid of the ignoramuses steering the Japanese ship of state through the perilous waters of a globalizing world.

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How about Chancellor Angela Merkel's policy? Any good?

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Eric Honnecker runs better economic policy at all time in his East Germany if compared with Hitler or Merkel!

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