Japan, China agree to promote dialogue


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I would like us to exchange views candidly today to advance bilateral relations further,” Yachi told Yang

This sounds well and good, but a major factor in souring China-Japan bilateral relations since around 2012 has been that of politicians repeatedly being overly candid in expressing their views. It may be better for them NOT to candidly exchange views this time around.

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politicians repeatedly being overly candid in expressing their views

Agreed. Like how Suga goes on and on about that UNESCO thing about Nanking.

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The Chinese government are certainly not the most transparent in the world but whilst the Japanese government continues to comprise of cretinous old men who deny the Nanking massacre, it is unlikely that there will be many positives from this proposed meeting.

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What does "agree to promote" mean?

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I'm thinking it's a bad translation, but I couldn't find the original Japanese. Promote is probably 推進 or something, which would be better translated as 'move forward with' than 'promote'. That's speculation though, anyone got a link to the Japanese story?

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Agree with Whiskey.

This is a stupid gesture and will go nowhere. They'll promote some BS dialogue til a politician on one side (most likely the Japanese side) says something really stupid, the other side goes all nuts (usually the Chinese side), and the whole process gets derailed and has a monkey wrench thrown right into the middle of it.

Seen it before a million times. Remember, BOTH sides need nationalism to keep them going. Without it, both Abe and Ping would be out on their right wing butts. This is about keeping the nationalism in check, nothing more.

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Increase the Peace!

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Both countries has no dialogues but quarrelling and the Chinese govt. will upscaling their campaign of comfort women issue in UNESCO. Bring it on the Nanjiang massacre denial, there is the detonation of another round of conflict maybe a deadly one.

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Would love to be a fly on the wall at one of these events.

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@Aly Rustom: For the Japanese, the Nanjiang massacre means an insult from the Chinese. And fort he Chinese, Nanjiang massacre means revenge. There is the fuel to burn their nationalisms. Perhaps a war with China is a very long painful thing, the Chinese shall never accept the concept of reconciliation like western countries does.

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Japan, China agree to promote dialogue

Ah, they really mean groups of middle aged men will sit down for endless discussions at tax-payer expense

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Good joke to start the day !

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the Chinese shall never accept the concept of reconciliation like western countries does.

Elephant, some may not, but most will. the reason the west reconciled with Germany is that Germany stood up and said we were wrong and we are sorry. Japan never said that. It is important to apologize when you make a mistake. Then, if the other side does not accept, THEY will be 100% wrong. BOTH are wrong to fuel nationalism, BUT....Until japan faces its past and acknowleges it, Japan is wrong.

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