Japan, China could hold summit soon: Abe adviser

By Antoni Slodkowski

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Finally something sensible is done. Abe seem very keen to talk while in Singapore. This time he seems willing to no pre-conditions. Hopefully he carries this out and China responds and agree to meet with no pre-conditions too!

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Hopefully he carries this out and China responds and agree to meet with no pre-conditions too!

China will accept it. Do you really believe the bickering between these countries is serious? I doubt it. They continue to be great commercial partners, no matter what.

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A summit sounds good. However, if Xi expects Abe to cave on the Senkaku issue, he's dead wrong (I hope). Abe shouldn't cave in and back away.

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What's with the "could hold summit soon?"

Get on with it and DO it.

This should have happened MONTHS ago!

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China needs to talk with Japan. But after they think hard about how they have made themselves the biggest threat in Asia and how hey have moved Japanese politics in away that no one as been able to do for nearly 70 years. They might think about putting a muzzle on the PLA and PLAN who talk and act like they are ready to take on the world.

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The Chinese economy is in very serious trouble so they are re-thinking their priorities.

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China realizes that Japan and all Asian countries except S. Korea are all together with Japan after Abe made sure other Asian countries are together with Japan. Only recourse for China is to be with them before S. Korea join Great Asia umbrella. Poor S. Korea. USA will abandon it. After all almost of USA bonds were held by China and Japan, not Korea/

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A Realist hit the nail square. China is feeling the pressure. Japan is building alliances with India, the Philippines, and Vietnam and also strengthening ties with US through increased military cooperation. US is also working on strengthening ties with India and the ASEAN nations. The containment of China is on, Beijing knows it. With their economy on the rocks, they don't have time or resources to play around over petty disputes over which they can not win anyway.

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@Bigpoppin: You wrote very well. I wish I can write like you do.

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Abe told all three SE Asian countries he met during this trip about their intention of revising Article 9 and to have them think about it. This trip coinciding with Iijima's trip to Beijing.

I really feel sorry for the lower bureaucrats in Beijing whom all of them are working hard to get this summit going. I read in some magazine a couple month ago that these pions basically bowed down on their knees for assistance in regards to their environmental problems.

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Both ROK and PRC are predicable but in different ways. PRC is predicable in that they are the calculating type with their own rationale. The Koreans are the complete opposite in which they think with their heart and not with their brains. It's a lot easier to get along with the Chinese then the Koreans for Japan since at least you can measure PRC's response through political calculation.

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Some of you are really naive. Although US and Japan are ally but US definitely does not want to mess up with China, economically, China is much more pivotal to US. It is true that Abe try to ally with South east asia, but please think about it, do you think those countries will thoroughly give up China and turn towards Japan??Hell no, it is all about interests. China and Russia are close economically, politically and militarily and relation between China and S Korea after new president took over the office. President of S Korea visited China right after visiting US but not Japan. Economic problem is inevitable for every nation of course for China. So wake up fellows, it is not the time to be cocky but be interactive and we have the responsibility to apologize over history issue just like what Germany did to the rest of European countries. To do so can only win respect but not shame.

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Holding Summit is good for Japan and China but what concessions are they going to bring to the summit.

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I don't think people are suggesting abandoning China economically or otherwise simply because they are forming closer ties. I think Abe reaching out to India, the Philippines, and Vietnam to form security alliances. As you say, it's all about interests, and almost every state in the region has an interest to hedge against Chinese aggression. Security will trump economics.

But, I do think some ASEAN states will abandon China economically, at very least attempt to minimize their relationship, if it means putting sustained international pressure on China to them to back down. Again, we are talking about security, not economics. Economics partnerships do little good if you are overran militarily.

Further, China and Russia are close, but that won't last. They were close after WWII, too. It didn't last. Russia has no interest in a powerful China that dominates Asia. If push comes to shove, Russia will abandon China in a heartbeat. Don't forget, China and Russian have border issues of their own.

And, China's economy has serious problems. When their economy crashes, it will not be a minor hiccup and China's political economy is not structurally sound enough to withstand a major economic crisis. So, yes, these little states your reference will must certainly abandon China when the time comes. All about interests, but interests change.

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Another of Abe's Wayang Kulit. Trying to look the aggrieved when he is the perpetrator of the sudden rise in tension. Let' s see how long this Kabuki Theatre will last.

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Japan, China could hold summit soon: Abe adviser

Could be just a smoke screen to exert pressure on the South Korea President so that she will agree to have a summit with Abe. Let's see whether she will be tricked into it.

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"China, in responding to Abe’s call, said its door was always open for talks"

contrary to some posters' words, it's clear it's Japan to request a summit with China.

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Didn't Beijing just rejected any possibility of these talks unless Japan recognizes there is the existence of a dispute?

And we know Abe will never agree to that premise so can we just assume there is no talk at the G20?

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China will accept it and at the same time send the ships to the island and they will say that their military is independent from the government.

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Iijima, who made a surprise visit to North Korea in May, declined to identity of the people he met in China or give details of the discussions he said were held over two days in mid-July.

China's foreign ministry says he did visit China but didn't meet any Chinese official. So why don't he tell us who is the official that he met and why was he so confident of a summit?

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