Japan, China foreign ministers unable to meet at U.N.


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Sidelined by both Korea and China, regional diplomacy is a mess, when a discussion isn’t sought. But the PM did get to ring a bell? And speak to a mostly empty hall. Not looking good.

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talks did not materialize due to scheduling conflicts

Code for China didn’t want to talk to him.

Wang abruptly canceled planned talks with Hayashi in early August in Phnom Penh, days after U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a trip to Taipei that angered Beijing

So China throwing its toys out of the pram, not very grown up let alone diplomatic of them?

Perhaps surprisingly Japans efforts are more reasoned and in line with real diplomacy.

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Lets not upset the Chinese Communist Party. The politicians and large corporations should kiss the CCP's aaa..hand. We should not raise a peep about Uyghurs, Tibet, Hong kong protests, coercive population control methods, forced labor, arbitrary detention in internment camps, torture, physical and sexual abuse, mass surveillance, family separation, repression of cultural and religious expression and many other not so important human rights. Well.. because you know we really need to access the Chinese market.

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He and his Chinese counterpart

Oh... my... my.. don't we sound so sophisticated.

Expressed willingness to meet

Passive agressive inferiority complex ?

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Given that the United States is pushing Japan into a HEAD-ON collision with China, anything that Japan can do to ameliorate Chinese retaliation should the U.S. precipitate a war is work well justified. To paraphrase, the 'friend' of my enemy is my enemy and given its shackles, Japan is a 'friend' of the U.S. and also the most proximal source of U.S. aggression against China. That China is shunning any discussion with Japan does not bode well, should push come to shove between the world's now biggest (China) and second biggest (U.S.) economies, in any sphere of Japan's best interests. Comment was made suggesting that China forced its culture upon Japan but, somehow, in my modest knowledge of Japanese history, I have never come across a reference to a 'native' Japanese writing system and wonder how 'literate' the continental colonists of the islands might have been before adopting many ways of the, even then, long extant Chinese culture. As for the Uyghurs, if we ignore Japan's historical record of attempting to 'Nihonize' its neighbors, there is ONLY ONE pertinent response to that accusation: PALESTINE. Start there, and then we can tend to the Uyghurs, or speak only in the language of ignorance and political HYPOCRISY.

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