Japan, China, S Korea foreign ministers to meet on Wednesday


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All these meetings by diplomats do not make sense.

Trump makes sense, he said he would talk to N. Korea's Kim directly. Take all the diplomats and experts with you. Talk to China directly. Talk to Russia directly. That is what leaders are there to do.

If Obama did something stupid, he just went ahead and opened up Cuba without even talking to Castro. Nixon at least went and met with China's leaders (China's leadership at that time was a committee.) and opened up a relationship. Reagan talked directly with Gorbachev and used the media and world opinion to bring the Berlin Wall down.

Diplomatic talks did not and does not solve problems. It has been used and still is used as "manipulation" of "communication" to either cover up or avoid having to make hard decisions. WWII with Japan and the USA before Pear Harbor was exactly the same problem. "Representatives" in the form of diplomats do not address the true issues and problems.

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Imagine if they all started to act like forward thinking grown ups and stop with the tit for tat upmanships. Now thatd be news!

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