Japan, China, S Korea hope to thaw relations with summit


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With diplomatic acumen lacking and nationalists and haters to appease in each country I suppose the best we can do is keep our fingers crossed. Mine are.

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None of these leaders are about to make a true attempt at fence mending. Abe, Park and Xi each have much to gain from tense multilateral relations, and too much to loose if relations become amicable.

Fueling anger and resentment among respective citizens and creating an "us vs. them" mentality helps these leaders divert attention from problems at home, and enables them to keep a firmer grip on power. They are each manipulating the citizens of their own nations.

Of course they will each pretend they seek warmer relations, but what they really want is clear from their provocative actions, which speak much louder than their words.

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“Abe knows that the U.S. government needs Japan as an ally to keep China in check and believes he can push Korea around with Big Brother by his side,” it said.

This reaffirms that Koreans believe, or are starting to believe, that the US would always choose Japan over Korea no matter what (as obvious as it seems). But to some people, this just translates to "sucking up to China".

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Koreans believe... that the US would always choose Japan over Korea no matter what (as obvious as it seems)

One week or so ago Japan's feelings were hurt because the UK seemed to be cozying up to China, and then there is this constant "the US likes them better" petty jealousy.

What is this childish elementary school playground mentality when it comes to China-Korea-Japan geopolitics?

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South Korean President Park Geun-hye is an emotional leader,not so strong . She prioritizes her emotions and anger first before thinking what is good for country , economy wise speaking . For Abe , stop being manipulative .

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Nothing will change as long as Park is in office. Only when South Korea elects a leader actually willing to stand up for democratic ideals, and to look honestly at Korea's history and role in WWII will the nation earn the respect of other nations.

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If I had a choice between being a comfort women or a slave worker on the Burma Railway. I known I would be in the comfort women line. For the comfort women the slave labourer never receive a full apology they only got the same "with deep remorse". Japan will never show leadership on their very embarrassing pass history. So I suggest it would better for society to forgive instead of showing hatred and demanding an apology with no substance. I other words "Build and Bridge and get over it". Shite Happens

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@Jeng GNGN

You mean like actually trying to improve relations with China? However limp Park's administration is, emotional and incompetent sounds doubly suitable for the deluded geriatrics of the LDP.

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PM Abe should try to resolve the comfort women issue in his talks with President Park Geun-hye in Seoul today and restore normalicy in relations between the two countries which is essential for strengthening peace and stability in the region besides expanding mutual bilateral economic relations.

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Park has many more contacts into China than JP, they are also talking about NorthKorea.So if Abe could join to meditate about that disgrace of the 21century, which is quite Stalinist still.

Many points to get on with.

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No point being antagonistic to each other. The 21st Century belongs to our Asia-Pacific Region. Let Economic & Regional Trade & Investments be foremost in the minds of the 3 leaders. All the best for a summit success.

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I'm bothered by the fact that many of these article use the word "nationalist" only for Abe. He is like that for sure, but Park is right wing, conservative and nationalist as well. China's leader is nationalist too. Here lies the main issue: all the three leaders are nationalist and use nationalism as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Blaming only Abe is biased. If the other sides had a leader like the actual pm of Italy for instance, a very moderate politician, you would have a very different situation.

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After friendship gone all time low need to build new friendly relations to feed hope of peace in the region or have something to bit on in future disputes.

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