Japan, China, S Korea to cooperate on air pollution


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I think Japan, China and South Korea should cooperate right now.

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Many people in China wish they produced less pollution too, but sadly have no vote in the matter.

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The three countries already cooperate on air pollution; China produces it, Korea and Japan suffer from it. Nothing will come of this, just more hot air.

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Article states: "We have made a new step toward solving the air pollution problem through cooperation among Japan, China and South Korea,” Japan’s Environment Minister Nobuteru Ishihara told a news conference.

China is playing politics. Calculations of premature deaths because of outdoor air pollution are politically threatening in the eyes of some Chinese officials. Many people die prematurely in China each year because of outdoor air pollution. The urban air pollution is set to become the top environmental cause of mortality worldwide in a few decade, ahead of dirty water and lack of sanitation. There has been growing outrage in Chinese cities over what many say are untenable levels of air pollution. For years, Chinese officials had been collecting the data but refusing to release it, until they came under pressure from Chinese who saw that the U.S. Embassy in Beijing was measuring the levels hourly and posting the data in internet.

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China is the dirtiest country in the world generating massive amounts of pollution in its drive to industrialise. One million Chinese are dying every year from air pollution. Unfortunately, unlike political systems pollution knows no borders.

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According to ancient history, neither Japan nor S.Korea are on the receiving end of air pollution from China. The best technology to relieve this problem is to stop polluting in the first place. Hello, may the great wall of China and great minds of communism stand up to this problem? Once, the ancient text of China stated that "doing good thing for neighbor beyond just your interest, is the virtue". So, start to clean up the air and then talk.

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According to ancient history, neither Japan nor S.Korea are on the receiving end of air pollution from China.

Ancient history never had the benefit of modern science.

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Finally they can co-operate on something.

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At least they are talking - that's good news.

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It is so nasty of china to involve Japan for cleaning up their nasty mess!!! It is your responsibility to clean up the air. Oh, no you won't because it cost money and you, China want Japan to do the work for them. Hell, NO. You've been so

nasty about "Senkaku Island", you don't deserve it. We are so sick and tired of your nasty personality. Can't you see that?Why don't you have a good attitude toward Japan, maybe we'll think about it. I really doubt it though. I don't have

any hope to have a good relationship with you, China!! History tells everything. Nanking Massecre did not happen!! You fabricated it and U.S used it for their convenience. I am so sick and tired of this injustice!! Europ help and defend Japan!!! We need you.

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This is fantastic. A good start!

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Came on, if they are going to work together on it, tell to China, Korea and also Japan to grow up and stop fighting each other due to the shines or islands. Just let the islands to be a natural reserve forever. The fishes will be very glad with it having a reserve where they can live and everybody will be allowed to enjoy good sushi food sometimes.

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Of course, many of us are responsible for the pollution coming from China.  By purchasing Chinese-made products - including many Apple products - we export the pollution to China and they suffer and get the cancers instead of us. We should probably be 'thankful' we ere only getting smog. 

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Finally we can all work of something together.

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Japan is in a prime position to help out, particularly in regards to the kind of pollution China is emitting. It's a lot like Japan in the 70's, but now Japan has wicked tech when it comes to emissions.... for the most part.

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Japanese and Korean companies have their role in the pollution too. The smoke-belching factories and toxic spilling chemical plants all across China merely cater to international demand for low cost, mass produced goods - and Japanese and Korean companies are major drivers of this economic arrangement. I hope that all parties can get serious about this: the Chinese need to step in and get back to enforcing their environmental standards and tackling the local corruption and dysfunctional economies in the inner provinces; and the Japanese and Koreans need to get serious about standing up to the corruption, political power and vested interests in the zaibatsu and chaebol and demand that they take ethical and environmental concerns into account.

Unfortunately, the Chinese government is going to have a hard time making any progress on pollution and environmental degradation, even if they wanted to. A good book on this is When a Billion Chinese Jump, by Jonathan Watts.

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Japanese and Korean companies have their role in the pollution too.

Nobody is disputing this, but the recent pollution of China that is floating over to Japan carries some particularly nasty particles that pose a more serious health risk than ever before.

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The UN should demand all countries to purchase Japan's emission and recycling technology.

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