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Japan, China, S Korea to ensure geopolitical risks don't threaten recovery


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Well at least one person in each country is thinking with their brains, rather than with their pride. These three should be made the leaders of their respective countries.

Good on them. Screw the right-wingers in each country. Even though the right-wingers think they are patriots, all they are doing is hurting the interests of their countries. They do absolutely nothing good for their countries.

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I don't see how they can do much in China though.

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Increase the peace!

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That's right, keep money and politics separate. Good to know they're being pragmatic.

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Japan, China and South Korea have agreed to work together

I'll believe that when I see it!

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Japan is said as the third major economic country. But I have skepticism about that because nowadays China or India gain more particular attention from all over the world. I think Japan is not recognized leading country than their own thinking. It is time to decide which is more necessary and which should be abandoned. those three countries are going to have difficulty to recover from declining economy, especially Japan because of declining birthrate and growing proportion of elderly people. I hope that Abe wont visit the controversial Yasukuni shrine which is recognized as a symbol of militarism. I think he know better than he openly provoke neighbors by visiting there.

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Basically it just a cry for help from the two nations(PRC & ROK) with their economy heading to a crash landing.

PRC's bubble is about to pop. ROK's economy is in a similar situation where Samsung's contribution to the economy is so large that when Sumsung goes down ROK goes down with it. Sumsung's smart phone is losing grounds which is the champion product of Sumsung. They are also losing market share in flat TV losing their edge in competition with the high won rate.

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Daaaaan - Japan has the world's third largest economy built on the world's largest public debt (double the U.S.). This means, Japan has used all the public funds in failed investments (public works and the pension) and wasteful government spending (whale slaughter and overseas trips to buy IWC votes). Japan is now increasing taxes to pay off the public debt. They are taking money from the public to pay back the money they owe the public. Japan has spent too many years focussed on imperial rule and self-importance to regain the balanced relationships it needs within Asia to rebuild its economy. And, they are still doing it!

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China is very cleverly building its expertise and also in innovation using Japanese exertise intitially and now they are on their own like in high speed rail which is cheaper and faster than Japanese ones. Visiting the Shrine is no big deal because just because the forefathers were defeated does not mean they are not fore fathers of Japan. China and Soth koreans use this a stick instead of ignoring and concentrating on comfort girls and their welfare. Japan also must know now that Samsung has stolen march over Sony and competing with Apple.Today chinese smart phones are competing with Samsung and Apple with their lower cost and Japan is not in the picture at all.

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You are totally correct!

In many areas, China and South Korea don't need Japanese technology any more, and Japanese companies in some way becomes the competitor of them.

on the contrary, what Japan did have hurt itself but benefit nothing. for the disputes territories with other nations all are remained issues. for the relationship with USA, Japan have to make a concession to the TPP. for the history issue, situation is still getting worse, I heard that even Canada is exhibiting the evidence of Japan ww2 behavior and Nanjing massacre in Manitoba museum.

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It sounds backwards. The war ministers should be meeting to make sure there is peace to support a recovery, while the finance ministers meet to ensure a recession doesn't happen because it could lead to war.

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Japan is running scared. Her economy is in tatters whereas China is progressing tremendously. CNBC and Bloomberg is all about China. If China's economy grows 7.4% instead of 7.5, the world is affected. Japan' economy can grow at 1% and the world simply ignores it. The news these days are about Alibaba and Chinese companies takeover so some companies. Japan simply fades away. If Abe does not act correctly very soon, he can totally forget about raising taxes. His arrows have all misfired and Japanese yen is pathetic these days. Very soon 1 yen will be equivalent to 1 S$0.01. And this is entirely due to Abenomics. Compared to the Chinese yuan, it is even worse! Abe better focused on trade first to get Japan going.

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captainjohannSep. 21, 2014 - 01:24PM JST Visiting the Shrine is no big deal because just because the forefathers were defeated does not mean they are not fore fathers of Japan. China and Soth koreans use this a stick instead of ignoring and concentrating on comfort girls and their welfare.

Whenever a Japanese official apologizes, another one denies it. No wonder the Chinese and Koreans keep on demanding sincere apology from Japan. Japanese of conscience keep apologizing, and Japanese right wingers keep denying. This give impression that the apologies were not sincere and the victims keep demanding for sincere apology. This cycle has no end in sight. It is typical vague comments by Japanese politicians which are meant to satisfy both parties in an issue. So, if you expect an apology over the matter you are clearly going to be disappointed. When the Japanese politician apologizes, take it with a grain of salt. They were only trying to make “people think they apologized" but it is not their real intention.

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