Japan, China, S Korea pledge to resist protectionism

By Leika Kihara and Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Hahahaha.... this made me spit up my coffee. They all just want the others to stop, and that's it. NO WAY they are going to suddenly allow in other agricultural protects and stop protecting their own farmers, etc.

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Japan, South Korea, and China are notorious for their neo-mercantilist economic policies that make running trade surpluses a key objective of government. As a result the line between private companies and governments is often blurred. Heck, the term "Japan-Inc" was coined to describe this sort of relationship. They've found success with this model and I don't begrudge them, but to think of them as champions of free trade is absurd. Especially China of all countries! The non-tariff barriers to trade they have are absurd.

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@smithinjapan ... Yes. Another major looming battle will be which currency will dominate the Asian trade zone. When the yuan was accepted as an internationally recognized reserve currency by the IMF in 2016, it was a huge deal. In fact, the yuan now outweighs the yen - only the dollar and the euro are more preferred.

So, like you, I also had to laugh when it said that there is no competition between Japan and China for influence over the economies of Asian countries. Not sure who Nakao thinks he was fooling, but I guess as essentially a diplomat he has to say that.

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The photo looks as though Aso has just performed one of his party tricks. Which one this time?

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Japan is the King of Protectionists

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Japan, China, S Korea pledge to resist protectionism - Clearly this statement utter illusory, almost to the point of surreal contradiction, is not lost on Japan Gov Haruhiko Kuroda slowly attempting conceal  himself behind Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, in full Tony Curtis mode, best dressed by a country mile.

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Can I bring in prime U.K. BEEF now or is it still going to be blocked?

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Can I bring in prime U.K. BEEF now or is it still going to be blocked? better to stick with safer meat imports that havent had madcow or foot in mouth outbreaks

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China blocked South Korean's products because of THAAD, South Korea being friendly to both China and US, seen as a two headed snake, and Aso "distancing" himself from the others just tell you what Japan thinks about these two other nations. They're neighbors, but they'll stab each other in the back smiling and claiming that they're "good friends"

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Bring on the Chinese milk and UK beef and US GMO-potatoes and Indonesian tuna.

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What a shame, grown men lying through their teeth. They are the ones that have in place so called hidden trade barriers to keep other countries products out of their countries. These trader barriers restrict, inhibit and keep out imports with undue unfair requirements that greatly drive up the cost of imported goods. These hidden trade barriers are more detrimental to free trade than the tariffs themselves. This is why these countries have for many years trade imbalances in billions of dollars in their favor. They should stop lying and start telling the truth. Break down those trade barriers and then we shall truly have free trade.

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I will believe it when I see it.

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Haruhiko Kuroda looks so happy, as if he was not a part of the Japanese government... makes me forget all the troubles for several moments of existence.

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Nihon to chuugoku wa hogo desu. Kokujin nashi, hoka resu nashi...and then they the ones to complain when their own methods is used. I feel sorry for the little ones who believe that these countries are nice.

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'better to stick with safer meat imports that havent had madcow or foot in mouth outbreaks'

Wasnt that decades ago and

was concerned with low grade

meat mixed with bone meal?

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Think that hurt US beef imports to japan was that Japan has import rules.

When US distributors violated those a general ban was enforced. The US been whining ever since but nothing is done to rectify things from their end ...

Said that US beef is still available but aussie beef sells better as they follow the rules and even breed cattle specifically for the J-market.

Many shops and restaurants advertise their use of aussie beef/produce.

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