Japan-China talks over food import ban not held for over 1 year


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I'm not surprised, this food from Fukushima might still be dangerous.

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Perhaps China should pay just a tiny bit more attention to their own food safety issues, first.

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"But China did not agree to hold panel talks when Japan in November 2021 called for them, in an apparent protest at Japan's decision in April that year to release treated radioactive water from the crippled nuclear plant in Fukushima into the sea."

A very sensible move. This should not be news, but no doubt Japan is crying victim about it and will demand China open up the market for Japan to offload stuff people here don't (rightly) want. Maybe Japan shouldn't dump radioactive waste into the WORLD'S oceans as an advertisement for how healthy its products are? The only down side of the world not buying into Japan's charade here is that they'll ultimately just force it on kids in school lunch programs.

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China is putting economic sanctions on Japan.

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Just letting you know, China has ZERO obligation to hold talks over the Fukushima food import ban.

WTO ruled it was legal to ban Fukushima and its surrounding area food indefinitely.

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China has virtually no chance of being admitted to TPP anyway and know this. It can therefore continue to ban Japanese food without penalty.

Canada will object due to the two hostages China took for years.

Australia will object due to continued trade coercion.

And I am sure others can provide more nations and their objections to China being in the TPP.

If the foods are being consumed without issue in Japan and are being accepted by other nations, then China just looks timid. If they have proof that any food up for discussion do have issues with radiation then they should present such information.

As for TPP membership for China, that is pie in the sky, or if you like, buried under the Fukushima reactor.

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