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Japan, China to hold regular talks on trade


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Japan, China to hold regular talks on trade

Will that include selling cheaper Japanese seafood from tainted waiter sea?

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The left hand Nishimura wants to talk trade, the head, Kishida wants to meet Xi in SF, but the right hand Aso, is going rogue with all his comments sabotaging what the others want to do. Vote LDP, you get LDP.

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As long as telecommunications equipment and sensitive technology is off the table. No one needs Japan going dark in a potential conflict.

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Not a trade discission between friemdly two nations seeking to mutually benefit from trade. One side is only interested in trade to the extent that it benefits it's strategic goals.

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The Government of China duplicitous deceit ridden trading practices are detailed defined recognized as such.

Japanese Trade Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said the talks could help stabilize relations.

You are dealing holding talks with a dictatorship, having little or no respect for international law, that will move heaven and earth to marginalize, undermine your economy, actively disrupt your fishing industry/sector.

Actively attempt to sour your relations with trusted friend and allies.

Talk to the conniving Chinese dragon but never forget that rancid breath, is an underlining agenda to bring the Japanese government people to China will, as a subservient.

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Will that include selling cheaper Japanese seafood from tainted waiter sea?

Probably not , since there is no such thing as a waiter sea.

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Japan infuriated China when it began releasing treated radioactive water from its wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean in August.

And China has been doing the same thing for the past 50 years.

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Relations between China and Japan, rarely smooth, have been particularly strained over recent months.

And relations between China and the US are a love fest?

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Great. China is Japans largest trading partner accounting for 25% of all international trade. Relationships should be friendly.

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Talks on trade? Isn't Japan already flooded with Chinese produce? Not a complaint, I buy a lot :-)

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I cannot understand why the Japanese were so UNGRATEFUL everything China has done to Japan. Even for the sake to appease your boss USA, Japan shouldn't be so harsh and mean at China. I know Japan has nothing better to choose as being a vassal state of America, there is no need to behave such nasty especially in regional security, it was Japan instigated those conflicts and interrupting Chinese policies over Taiwan.

It was China buying the Japanese products especially automobiles and tourists that brought the economy of Japan to stay afloat !

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Backstabber, that was very appropriate to describe Japan's China policies !

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The Central committee of the Chinese communist party is directly responsible for the destabilized economy and the general morass of all facets of the deteriorated state of Chinese society. It is time for a second cultural revolution. All the fat cat bureaucrats in Beijing and all the way down to the corrupt village leaders should be sent to work the fields and experience the life of 95% of the Chinese populace. Xijing ping and his corrupt cronies should lead the march to the barren fields and country sides of China holding banners praising Mao Tse Tung and Chou En Lai. Remember that Chou En Lai was once a member of the Kuo Min Tang and he would never have advocated attacking Taiwan.

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Relations between China and Japan, rarely smooth

Japan is nothing compared to China. not even in a position to talk...

If Japan wants to income, it should forget China and continue to print fake money with false excuses.

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