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Japan, China to resume security talks


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Japan is expected to ask China to make its growing defense spending more transparent and explain the reasons behind its military expansion, Kyodo said.

How about China's ridiculous Air Defense Identification Zone while they are at it?


Also of interest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Defense_IdentificationZone%28East_China_Sea%29#.C2.A0South_Korea

The rock http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socotra_Rock

And it's history http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socotra_Rock#History

Astounding. Drop a marker and it becomes your indisputable territory. Forever.

But I guess it's better than just a press release stating "All your airspace are belong to us. Make your time"

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Why don't you cut the "reformed" and be honest?

Tell us, how many wars in foreign countries has China had in the last... lets say 6000 years? How many Japan? How many the US?

I liked the article and the news, its rare that something is truly positive

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Wow,.. now that China and Japan are talking about security, there is no more need for the Americans on Okinawa. (sic)

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'reformed' Basher:

Give it a rest, will ya? Talk about a broken record. Had Ryukyu not been invaded and bits of coral in the Pacific not been claimed and supported with cement, Japan's own zone would be a lot smaller.

I would like to see China, Korea and Japan come to some agreement, but then there'd be nothing for folks like you to complain about. It's not in your and US's interest for there to be stability in East Asia.

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Tell us, how many wars in foreign countries has China had in the last... lets say 6000 years?

A better question is "How many territorial disputes the CCP (keyword) has been involved since it's formation?"

Going back 6,000 years has no meaning, just go back 60.

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Yes, talk to wolf about security by the sheep.

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And hopefully, no more of these not-so-veiled provocations from China:


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Good luck. Keep dialog open to prevent misunderstands. Maybe something can work out for mutual benefit. The world is cracked and managed chaos is sometimes a better balance than hostilities. Stay happy and stay wise my Friends.

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