Japan, China to square off at regional security forum

By Ben Blanchard and Greg Torode

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Japan, China to square off at regional security forum.

Better they "square off" at a security forum than in the open ocean, or in the air I guess.

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Fu Ying has been western educated, university of kent. I think Abe's gonna get pounded, and may end up looking like a fool.

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Doubtful. China's position is pretty difficult to defend. Especially considering their latest provocation in Vietnam's EEZ.

Also, Abe's hardly an idiot. Whether you like him or not, hes the first Prime Minister in a long time to last over a year in office. He's a pretty effective Japanese politician, and quite charming himself by all accounts.

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"who is expected to make the case that it is Japan, not an increasingly powerful China, which threatens regional security."

Good luck with that. Stop to think how many countries will be there who are being threatened by China, and how many are being threatened by Japan.

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I disagree, Fu will wax the floor with Abe.

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Abe should put up a map of the South China Sea on a projector and compare the overlapping claims amongst states down there.

China's claims are just so laughable. So far as I understand they think they own the entire South China Sea because a) it's south of China and b) once upon a time China was the most powerful nation in the world and they feel the current day state of affairs should revert back to that time, or else.

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I didn't see mention of which countries will be attending. Are Vietnam and the Philippines on the attendee list? If so, Ms. Fu will have a hard time convincing anyone that it is Japan serving as the primary villian in the region.

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Yawn, Japan bad, China the peace loving nation that would never do or say anything to cause distress towards another.

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Can anyone else see a paradox in China sending a delegation from the People’s Liberation Army to "Shangri-La"?

The last time they did that they annexed it, slaughtered a load of monks and nuns, and destroyed a culture.

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Whatever you like to call, a forum, a conference, a peace talk or a faceoff, it is not going to make any different. China will flex its muscles and bully anyone whom objected to them. Talk is cheap!

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@taj and @FizzBit: I guess that's the reason why China send a pleasant looking lady with a western educated background this time instead of a three stars mean looking general.. Lok !. After all, we civilized people won't give any nice looking lady a hard time in any case. By saying that, I think Abe has his own charm and gained a trustful image in the region now. You might just be surprised at the outcome..

@oldman_13: I am sure it is your sarcasm on the good day right !. Lol..

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China being a "peace loving country"... oh please, that's the most hilarious thing I've heard so far.

Whether Japan's reputation with other countries has lifted or not is not for China to judge, it is between Japan and the countries involved themselves. No matter what your opinions, positive or negative, of current Japan are, please don't for a single millisecond believe what the PRC has to say in regards to "indisputable sovereignty", "peace loving country", and so forth. Its actions and it's overly melodramatic finger pointing, attempted dumbing down and whitewashing prove otherwise.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be off to google all the "prohibited" search terms on the PRC's list, including "Tianamen 6/4", "Maoming", "chengguan brutality" and so forth....after all, they (sarcastically) ARE a so called peace loving country right?....... this isn't their fault, it's totally unthinkable LOL!

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BEIJING/HONG KONG - A major regional security conference is shaping up as a face-off between Asia's two biggest powers,

Why are Chinese so combative? Do they just want to waste this opportunity?

Abe, accompanied by his defense minister and national security adviser, will likely be carrying what has become a consistent message from the Japanese leader on the world stage since he took office: that Japan will stick to a peaceful path;

Beijing is sending Fu Ying, a tough and articulate former deputy foreign minister now serving as chairwoman of the Chinese parliament's foreign affairs committee,

"We understand that the Chinese are keen to continue participating and will be sending a strong delegation, and Fu Ying's appearance reflects that," said Tim Huxley, Singapore-based executive director of the International Institute of Strategic Studies (Asia), which organizes the event.

What strong delegation?

"She is well-versed in putting across China's position to an international audience," said the source.

That sounds a lot like a junior high school debate conference.

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I wish the debate would be televised worldwide. Maybe we could see it in Japan. Fu may be a good spokes woman for China but the world now sees China as the big bully of Asia and not Japan.

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Glad I'll never have to endure Chinese hot air.

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Maybe it is not only the language skills that points to Fu. China may hope that Abe, being a conservative, could have a few gender issues on his plate thus making it harder to debate with a woman. Anyway I bet most people involved will be intelligent enough to see what China is up to. No worries there. But what they say publicly may be something very different. In the end it comes down to sovereignty and money. If Japan backs down the other will most likely be silenced quite quickly.

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Beijing is sending Fu Ying, a tough and articulate former deputy foreign minister now serving as chairwoman of the Chinese parliament’s foreign affairs committee, who is expected to make the case that it is Japan, not an increasingly powerful China, which threatens regional security.

The reason that Japan threatens the region is that Japan will not kowtow before Emperor Xi and his gang of 6.

Communist China feels that since Japan will not back down and give into their threat and bullying that Communist China will have to take it to the next level, war. So, they blame Japan and call it a threat to peace.

It's like the bully claiming that the guy that doesn't back down the bad guy because he stands up to the bully.

Childish and too funny!

FizzBitMAY. 14, 2014 - 07:31AM JST Fu Ying has been western educated, university of kent. I think Abe's gonna get pounded, and may end up looking like a fool.

I don't know if you know it or not, but at these conferences they have these people who are called translators and the speakers speak in their own languages and the translator does the rest. I know, I know the things they come up with these days!

BTW, Prime Minister Abe is no fool and if the Communist Chinese rep comes in thinking that he is she will have egg on her face at the end.

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I foresee another world war if the world continues on its current path. Naturally I place my bets with Japan and America.

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I think the Philippines and Viet Nam are going to want in on the action as well. China will then claim it is being ganged up on by the "puppets of the US" and pitch a fit by having NK blow something up....

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China has been p'ssing off its neighbours for a long time now and these countries are starting to take action, albeit in limited ways, e.g. the protests in Vietnam. The Philippines are also taking China to the international court. Will we see Chinese businesses damaged in these countries, a taste of China's own medicine?

Soon, no one is going to give a damn what China says.

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Eventually China is going to get a taste of it's own medicine, mobs smashing Chinese stores and business', burning Chinese flags. You reap what you sow.

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Don't Forget that S Korea is a nation with 28,500 U.S.Army stationed there!

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