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Japan concerned about lack of transparency in China's defense policy


China's opaque spending on its huge and growing military is a "concern" for the world community, Japan said Wednesday, after Beijing revealed another double digit budget hike.

"The transparency of China's defense policy and military capacity, or lack thereof, has become a matter of concern for the international community, including Japan," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters.

The comments came after Beijing unveiled a 12.2% rise in its 2014 budget for what is already the world's largest armed forces, as it seeks military clout in line with its new-found economic strength.

They also come after China lashed out at a five percent rise in Japan's military budget over five years, which was approved late last year by the cabinet of hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

"The Chinese defense budget for 2014 shows a double digit increase from the previous year," said Suga. "The government takes note of that, and we will continue to monitor the trend going forward.

"By co-operating with countries concerned and the international community, we will call on China to increase the transparency of its defense policy."

Suga also offered a rebuttal to a barely-veiled criticism of Japan with the Chinese assertion that it would "safeguard the victory of World War II and the post-war international order, and will not allow anyone to reverse the course of history".

Japan will "absolutely never, ever reverse the course of history," he said.

"During the post-war period until today, we have walked on a path of freedom, peace and democracy. It is our path and our basic policy."

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Well, if there's any solace in that spending news it's that, well, it's MADE IN CHINA! You know what that means in today's world, lousy quality control, substandard workmanship, poor raw materials used, all in all leading to many broken and non-functioning items by they time they reach the end users.

While the Chinese may have the largest military by 'human numbers', that means crap all if they are all running around in circles because they don't have reliable hardware, software, logistics and training up to standards. Correct me if I'm wrong but who builds an aircraft carrier and then sets it out to sea to intimidate their neighbors with no aircraft available to take off and land on said aircraft carrier... um,... China? Yeah, that's a well run group of clowns. I guess they don't have that saying, "putting the cart before the horse" in China.

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... What does Japan know about transparency ? makes me laugh - after secrecy law they passed -

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I believe it is important for diplomats to keep an open dialogue with other of the world’s representatives; I do not think that this dialogue should be a public exercise, however. Lack of transparency is a term associated with small-minded people who somehow think that we are living in Never-Never-Land where everyone must play fair. We are not living in such a place, and no one plays fair. The world today is every bit as dangerous as it was 70 or 90 years ago. If people understand that, they will exercise greater care electing people who are capable leaders and statesmen, rather than low-value politicians. Wake up, world; wake up.

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Are the Senkakus really China's prime objective? Really? Or are they simply a "shill" to disorient the buffoon who has simply been watching without being aware that he is the victim.

Think before you write. I've already informed you of the Non-Aggression Pact between Stalin and Hitler. Did that stop them from warring with each other, regardless of their temporary mutual interest, the same that exists between China and Russia today? However, that's today.

China still wants Primorye for the same reason that it wants the Senkakus. It also believes that the peninsula was stolen from China when the Qing were weak, same as the Senkakus. The Senkakus is worth zilch and Primorye is worth $8 trillion a year. Which would you rather?

Yeah, Russia needs to prepare for a territorial transition and the loss of its Pacific holdings in the Russian Far East. Or...Russia can side with Japan in containing China, which is already taking place behind the headlines, same as when Stalin, despite his pact with Hitler, cozied up to Churchill and FDR.

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why would Japan be concerned?

China doesn't ask Japan to pay for it.

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Why expect transparency from a country you invaded, tortured and murdered its citizens when you keep on refusing to see the real you in the mirror and instead continue to create unnecessary instability and fear in your people?

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When I worked at a Japanese company, I once submitted a report describing SDF "members" as "soldiers" and the GSDF as "Japan's army."

The Japanese manager was astounded, and hauled me aside to remind me that the SDF is a "defense organization," not a military and that those Japanese guys in camouflage uniforms carrying assault rifles are not soldiers but "members." The words were duly revised. Indeed all the Japanese style manuals banned using such words (but only in reference to Japan).

So it seems pretty rich to me that Japan is accusing someone else of being less than transparent with regard to their, erm, military.

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Do you know why people keep buying "The Walmart Stuff"? Because the stuff offer the best value !

You're right, people buy walmart stuff because it's cheap. But they are just putting off paying now (higher costs) in favor of paying later (the costs associated with a rich uncontrolled China).

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Wait a minute - Japan, which three months ago brought in a law specifically to make anything at all a state secret if the government wants it to be, with jail terms for journalists who ask the wrong questions, is calling out China for a lack of transparency?

Mr Kettle, I have a Mr Pot on the line. He says you're black.

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and who is paying for the Chinese military build up? People who buy all that crap made in China... 90% of what is sold in Walmart is from China... and in America that means loss of jobs and the poor people buy tainted goods from China and with the money they make on debt.. they grow military and are becoming bully... it is obvious.. stop buying Chinese goods.. and never eat anything grown in China.

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Does any country have a transparent military defense policy?

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I'm not worried. The famous "Made in China" brand will ensure the weapons won't work.

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China has been increasing their defense spending at an annual rate of 10% or more for the last 20 years with the exception of year 2009. China's military growth, combined with its cloak of secrecy has caused concern in neighboring countries.

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12.2% rise? Jeezus, Chinese money spent on some boastful acts. Why not spend some for the pollution and rural poverty? Dumb China!

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