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Japan declares U.S. Osprey safe to fly in Japan


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I wonder if China's recent anger had anything to do with this declaration of safety...

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If they would relocate the pertinent Futenma squadrons to Henoko as agreed to planned so many years ago, then the Ospreys would bother many thousands less people.....but that is a whole nother can o worms. Theyd still be near the units they are supporting (practical and saves fuel) and flying out of a much less populated area. But of of course this isnt about logic or practicality.

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The problem for Okinawans has aways been Tokyo - not the US. It was just a matter of time for the Ospreys to be okayed.

But anyone who has lived in Ginowan can understand Okinawans not being happy with Futenma, although I'd be happy to live there. If it were that bad, why do people still move into the area?

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Allowing these lemons to operate probably resulted from the U.S. agreeing to support Japan on the disputed island issue.

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

@ Amidalism I too, have noticed that argument seems to have vanished since China started acting up What a difference a day makes.

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Timing-wise, agree this gives room for some to speculate that J-gov may have intentionally announced the island purchase just a week before the preplanned anti-J demonstrations orchestrated by C-government to fuel the conflict merely to ensure a smooth landing for Osprey deployment. More realistic view probably is that the declaration of safety was made at this very timing as an afterthought, possibly under US "recommendation".

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No surprise and a fairly clear message I think.

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Haha, it is so obvious why Japan suddenly thinks Osprey isn't a bad idea. What a ridiculous country.

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As Ultradork points out, this is a can of worms:


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I agree with several posters here.

The timing is just too good to be true!

What with the "massive" demonstrations in China and Taiwan (30 people and 100 people respectively), and ONE guy trying to set light to a Japanese flag, they certainly seemed to make it look like China was on the warpath.

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Seems to me these hybrids kill more US soldiers than their enemies. not sure this approval will faze China one little bit.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

You can`t get a job in the US State Department unless you believe that Crisis = Opportunity.

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"The Pentagon welcomed Tokyo’s decision as a sign of the strength of the U.S.-Japanese partnership."

There is no question that increased tensions with SK and China in particular have sped this decision through. Just yesterday the US was saying it was not involved in the Senkaku spat, so no doubt this is in part Tokyo's way of trying to get a bit more assurance the US will indeed help out.

I notice there haven't been quite the protests, either.

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of course they would. and a good thing too.

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If people would recall this was expected. When the Ospreys were first shuttled into Iwakuni the Japanese Government in consultation with the US Military agreed that it would take about a month or so to come to a decision regarding there deployment.

What I find rather amusing is the "sound of silence" down here in Okinawa after the anti-Osprey demonstration finished earlier this month and the increase in noise about Senkaku.

Maybe the Okinawan's are learning, doubt it, but here is to hoping.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Seems to me these hybrids kill more US soldiers than their enemies.

No, they don't.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

So where have they been deployed and how many "enemies" have they killed?

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

So where have they been deployed and how many "enemies" have they killed?

The Osprey is a transport. It's not a gunship.

But, since it has been used in Afghanistan and Iraq, I'm betting the troops and materiel they have transported, have killed a LOT more than those who have died in accidents.

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They have been deployed in the ME for some time.

Like the old Hercules/Chinook, they are designed to carry troops and/or cargo. The Marines requested a gunship version as they did with the Huey, Chinook and Hercules.

Those are NOT fighting aircrafts but provide a support and recovery role.

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God bless the people of Ginowan!

0 ( +2 / -2 )

"The V-22 has had 7 crashes with a total of 36 fatalities." since 1991.


People seem to have no problem with the Chinook, which just from the Wiki article, you can see it has at least 122 fatalities since 1982.


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Oh surprise. The J government is worried the US won't support them so the rubber stamp comes out. Take that protestors!

1 ( +3 / -2 )

The reason for J Government wanting to push the Osprey is because Japan wants to place these birds on the copter carrier(the 22DDH AKA 19500t class destroyer) that they are being built fo themselves right now.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

It seems that the US wanted Osprey aircraft to fly as soon as possible before case of security emergency.

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Whoah! Stop right there!

As Yubaru said, this was expected. The Ospreys were going to be approved no matter what. That it was ever being debated in the government was never real. It was all just an act.

They were just waiting for the right time to declare "approved". If nothing happened, they would have waited some months for the ruckus over the Ospreys to quiet down. But the ruckus over the Senkaku islands provided a nice diversion for the timing of the "approved" declaration and they took advantage of it.

This is just political maneuvering and there is absolutely no substance. Its just dishonest politics of a type probably even older than Agamemnon. The Ospreys are not necessary (or even of any practical use!) to defend the Senkaku islands and this approval won't make a jot of difference in America's decision to help protect them or not.

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Irony Alert: "Final results of crash investigations have confirmed that the helicopter-plane is safe..."

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

When he met a delegation from Okinawa who handed him the resolution of the September 9 rally against the Osprey's deployment, Morimoto was grim-faced to the bone as if to say "what a bunch of trouble-makers you guys are!" But when he met the U.S. Defense Secretary, his face was all smiles.

Heck, what a difference! But that clearly attests to the abnormality of the current Japan-U.S. relations. There's no doubt Japan is a vassal to the U.S.

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The Osprey is a vital link to Japan's defense in tangent with the 22DDH AKA 19500t class destroyer. When the dust settles you see an announcement that Japan had started a joint development with the US of converting the Osprey into a sub hunter marine patrol plane. This fills the gap in where most of the aging P3C will become decommissioned in the following decade and the land based P1 not going into commission fast enough.

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The MV 22 had been deployed on J territories before any acceptance. Declaring it safe or not, these Ospreys are to be stationed here in Japan..

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One thing they forgot to deploy with the Osprey were nuclear armed ICMBs aimed at Japan's mortal enemy to the east - I hope and pray those are forthcoming.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )


To tell you the truth they are already there although they defy the parliamentary resolution, Three Non-Nuclear Principles.

Something I am ashamed of.

The Japanese citizen do not know if and when the US military had brought in nuclear armament into thier own base. Although I am quite sure that there are multiple war heads in Japan whenever a US SSBN calls port to a Japanese harbor or worse how many are stored in Kadena.

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Seems to me these hybrids kill more US soldiers than their enemies. not sure this approval will faze China one little bit.

Considering its a transport helicopter and not an assault helicopter................

Please inform yourself before commenting.

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Let them stay and fly in Japan. Perhaps their rotor wash would be good to get Chinese "fishing Boats" to leave.

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Hillary Clinton, I bet, staged this whole event with China just for this.Amazing.Really sucks to be occupied by the Uncle Sammy and his goons. Represent the mighty Corporate Powers control over Asia with the most expensive aircraft ever crashed! They should rename the DOD DOO.Like Doo Doo. Department of Offense.If the Chinese would stop lending them money we would all be safer.FREEDOM!!!!

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Can someone please explain to me why does the japanese government allow itself to be bullied by the usa. Be it a military matter or a farming matter(poison beef) successive governments always back down. Yes yes we all know the answer. It goes like this. Annoy me and I will punish you even more. Bullies, thugs, rapists, thats all the yanks are.

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Looking at some of the comments. In New Zealand we told the yanks to sod off with their nuclear warships. It is LAW in New Zealand. We have a population of 4 million and we told the yanks to go suck eggs.

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Looking at some of the comments. In New Zealand we told the yanks to sod off with their nuclear warships. It is LAW in New Zealand. We have a population of 4 million and we told the yanks to go suck eggs.

You are perfectly correct. It's one of the things I admire about New Zealand.

Unfortunately Okinawa is no longer its own country. It used to be when it was name Ryukyu, but it got taken over by the mainland Japanese and the Americans.

It is telling the yanks to suck eggs, but the Japanese government feels it has to kowtow to the almighty power of the freedom-lovin' US of A (sarcasm). And so, in its infinite wisdom, and contrary to its people's wishes it pays through the nose to support US troops here.

If you want to find out how come it got this way, this is a good place to start:


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Well, they can be useful if Communist Chinese Navy and Army invasion on Senkaku Islands.

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