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Japan delegation arrives in Beijing to mend ties with China


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All this tense in NE Asia is not good for anyone - ESPECIALLY FOR BUSINESS.

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@smithinjapan: On today's posts alone, I really must ask, why are you in Japan. You never have anything but criticism for the Japanese or to criticise the Japanese way of life. I must query why would you want to live you life in a country which you so clearly detest. Just wondered.

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Geopolitics is always a difficult topic. 90% politicians are hypocrital. China loves the conflict. Japan loves it too. usa drolls over it and korea likesbit too.

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This is partly helpful. Chinese conditions include admit the disputes of the islets, after this, I believe a mechanism will be built to study the disputes and find out who is on earth own these islets. Is this a good news for Japan?

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And yet again they try to 'mend ties' immediately after Abe threatens them (this time in Europe). They may as well have stopped off at Yasukuni first to pray for success in the talks.

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Is the bipartisan delegation is led by Masahiko Komura, going to present an agenda, the how, when, and where?

It's intriguing, the headline grabbing statement, Japan delegation arrives in Beijing to mend ties with China!

The mission has not stated exactly how, lots of meetings and talks so tick in the box there. Are these talks and meetings going to herald more action? A summit between President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would be a step in the right direction.

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Kohmura was one of Koizumi children but he is different than Inada. He is the Pres. of japan China Friendship PU. I think he really want to have Japan and China to cooperate each other. After all, Japan Inc has been helping China vitalize to modernize its industrialization. He was not with Abe but he is more influential on Abe than Inada. He is from Ehime-ken (Iyo) in Shikoku but last time he was elected from Yamaguchi-ken 1 ward that was Abe's ancestral place. So, my guess is he is more influential on Abe than right wing who follow Inada. It could be easier for Japan to be friend with China than S. Korea, especially when Kohmura is working. Unlike Aso, Abe does not have big mouth so people just guess what Abe's mind is. Sounds Abe want to be friendly with China,

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Hope USA likes Japan and China become friendly, but if they get friendly, Japan might ask USA to get out from Japan. then USA lose so called Sympathy budget (Omiyari payment) from Japan.

Japan has been reducing its funding to support bases over the last decade, dropping from a high of $3.17 billion in 1999 to $2.15 billion last year. Shapiro told Kyodo News that Japan’s support of the bases should remain at current levels in order to ensure regional security, especially at a time North Korea is suspected of sinking a South Korean warship in March and China is flexing its naval muscles in international waters near Okinawa. (5/2/2014 info.)

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Nothing will happen of course because China has no intention of improving relations. However it shows that Japan is trying to correct it, while China is trying to continue the current breakdown in diplomacy.

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