Japan demands concrete action from North Korea


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For once I agree with Gemba, and I'm glad they didn't throw in the unrelated, bilateral issue of the abductions.

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I think that there needs to be a more concrete action on what Japan will do about radiation and nuclear disasters in its own country before thinking about another country. Although I agree with Minister Koichiro Gemba, i also think that Japan should also do the same about their own country. If you ask me, its kinda hypocritical to make demands on another country when you yourself is doing the same thing. If that want North Korea to rid themselves of all nuclear power, they, (Japan) should do the same thing too. Japan is actually in a worst shape than North Korea when it comes to Nuclear disasters. North Korea has not blown up a nuclear plant in their own country and they have not spread radiation particles all over the world like Japan has done and continually are doing.

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Japan needs CHINA to come clean about their involvement in supporting the DPRK ASAP!!

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alladin: While I agree with you that Japan needs to clean up its own backyard (be it nuclear radiation or resolving issues/spats) before it can scold another nation and make demands guilt-free, a nuclear accident and intentional weapons program aren't really the same thing.

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Japan demands concrete action? Japan doesn't have the god damn right to demand anything. Fools?

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Japan should certainly be concerned and make inputs into Nort Korea coming clean with it's nuclear weapons program, but that's about it. The Japanese and their lofty heads always make the most ridiculous coments sometimes, except it makes them look like fools in the international arena. They have an inefectual government fool of crooks and a soceity of dreamers in wonderland. Wake up to the reality!!! Atone for your mistakes during your Imperialistic history like Germany did and join the real world!

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