Aso says Biden's inauguration 'good' for world


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Japan's Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso on Friday welcomed the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden, calling it "good for the international community including Japan" in view of his multilateral approach to global issues.

Aso's resignation and withdrawal from the public sphere would be good for Japan.

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Oji-tomo. support each other. strong bond.

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Aso is correct. However Aso retiring and leaving politics would be good for Japan.

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Turbulence in the White House is not valued by the rest of the world. Mr. Biden brings an aura of predictability and stability that other countries' finance ministers appreciate. There is also the matter of several hundred billion yen at stake in the negotiations over support for the American military in Japan. It is in Mr. Aso's self-interest to compliment and praise the new American president.

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Why didn't Mr.Aso says this before and after 3rd Nov ?

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He really did say that so? Something strange in his coffee? The only explanation could be, that he was forced to say that in regard of keeping interests of Japan in the mutual official relationship with the U.S. In no other scenario anyone would come to such a conclusion or statement.

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Seriously?... obviously not paying attention to Biden' policies. Is that a sucking sound that I hear?

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