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Diet convenes 150-day regular session


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 with swift passage of an extra spending plan and a draft budget for the next fiscal year a top priority to cope with post-disaster reconstruction and support the economy.

Hah why not. Spend more. We have enough money. 'post-disaster and support the economy'...what? Please show me a list of expenditures because this is getting old fast.

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Why are expenditures going up when the population is decreasing?

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102.66 trillion yen annual budget for fiscal 2020 from April

102.66 trillion yen of fake money again???

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Ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit scheduled for this spring, Abe said he wants to build "mature Japan-China relations for a new era."

Hahaha, 3000 years relationship, still not mature ? Give me a laugh.

Abe, you need a teacher.

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All sounds good to me. Tokyo 2020!

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged to remodel Japan's social security system to make it more attuned to the needs of the country's aging population.

Which arrow is this? Abe is a joke on repeat

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Great. Can we get a few more laws without enforcement mechanisms with a side of urging?

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