Diet ends session without extension over coronavirus response


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Let's rewrite the constitution, abuse power and steal all we can.

Nobody can stop us now.

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Suga, claims his priority is the pandemic. Then focuses on promoting the Olympics, intends to dissolve the state of emergency, has no actual plan for immunizing the populous and ignores the parliament excepting for those who fall in line, which is his own party the LDP.

That indeed is scandalous behavior. Let alone all the infringements his cronies and progeny have engaged in. Let alone the failure to consider the needs, the health & welfare of 'the people' above his own narrow and self-serving interests aka the upcoming Olympic being held during a plague.

This from the trial of Katsuyuki Kawai, a scandal that included vote buying: Shigemasa explained that she could not refuse the cash when Katsuyuki told her, “This is from Abe.” When the scandal unfolded and there were indictments, Abe resigned due to health reasons. Suga, then floated into office on a sea of corruption, Abe's factotum and former hatchet man.

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