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Japan digital minister Makishima tests positive for COVID while in U.S.


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Get well Ms Makishima but is this really important news?

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Probably was not wearing a mask,in some official face,I been around lots of people that. tested positive , always wear my mask

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Definitely took that to the US from Japan.

That narrative wouldn't work though would it

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So? Is she gonna die? No!

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Oh dear, those government ministers just can’t use Zoom and have to travel around maskless as PM Kishida often does…

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So what. He is not the only one! It could have made sense to mention it in the news in March 2020 when the number of cases was limited and the serious cases were much higher than now. But these days it is all over the place.

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RakurakuToday  08:03 pm JST

So what. He is not the only one!

Who is this "he"? The Minister is a woman.

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Only a misinformed person would believe she contracted the coronavirus during her trip to the United States. If Makishima tested positive for the virus when she took a PCR test before her scheduled return to Japan, it would only mean the virus was laying dormant prior to her leaving Japan for the US and became full blown during and visit and her return. Accept the blame don't try to place it. She was a carrier!!!

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If she had not travelled and was infected while here in Japan it could have flown under

the radar even when detected.

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If Makishima left Japan on Monday but tested positive on Wednesday, then she was infected in Japan before leaving.

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Makishima's return to Japan, scheduled for Saturday, will be delayed

What a selfless sacrifice getting an extra vacation with tax-payer money to not bring one more case to a country with 100K daily positives. Border restrictions make absolutely no sense at this point.

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