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Japan discusses security in first foreign minister visit to Solomon Islands


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No country cared about the Solomon Islands and no country ever helped them financially in terms of aid until China signed tan agreement with the Solomon Islands. Now The Solomon islands is the talk of every every country as the try to break the deal between China and Solomons at any cost! If countries like The US and Japan had given more attention to the Solomon Islands and assisted them financially from before the Solomon won’t have reached a deal with China. After all, The US and Japan throw billions or trillions of dollars / yen to many countries which don’t actually need that money!

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Stay out of other people business,you be better off in the long run

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And what did Japan and the U.S. bring to the Solomon, and Guadalcanal in the last 80 years? War.

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Too little Too late, the islands are already deep in the pockets of China with LOANS up to their necks.

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Did he land there at the new Chinese military base?

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Why are the Japanese politicians so out of touch with what is happening in the world?

China began to make overtures to countries decades ago which Japanese politicians had complete ignorance of.


There are natural resource laden countries and strategically placed countries which China has deep ties with and Japan is just now playing catchup.

Is it a wonder that Japan is fast becoming a second rate country?

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One advantage China has in countries like the Solomon Islands is a small, but energetic Chinese business community that the government can tap into for local knowledge and partnerships. I'm not talking about the communities in SE Asia that have been there for centuries but countries in the Pacific, Africa and Latin America which have received newer arrivals in the past few decades that struck out trying to make some money. Japanese people these days simply to not have the courage and gumption to try something like this. The only other country you can point to that has similar behavior is India and it's wide-spread overseas communities of merchants, business people and bankers.

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No country cared about the Solomon Islands and no country ever helped them financially in terms of aid until China signed tan agreement with the Solomon Islands.

That is simply not true. Australia and to a lesser extent New Zealand have given the Solomons far more aide than the Chinese and have done so for decades. The Solomons are the third largest recipient of Australian foreign aide. In more recent years they have been the second largest recipient after Papua New Guinda. Australia rescued the Solomons from collapse into armed chaos in 2003. Australia continues to fund the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands, RAMSI, funding international police units to assist those of the Solomons. What you have is a Solomons Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, who seems to have a deep dislike of Australia and who deeply resents his predecessor in office and political arch enemy asking Australia for assistance in the form of RAMSI to restore order to the nation and end the armed rebellion.

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The Solomons doesn't believe you, giving false hope,bad check is Japan's diplomacy. Japan has been in stagnation for 30 years was well known, the Solomons understood Japan more than you, sir!

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Pacific islanders nations are so tired of being dominated !

And China is the good actor in the region, just there to help? You must think everyone a fool.

Boys are out in force on this one.

It's fine though. The Pacific Island nations are all waking up to what's really going on, corruption is being revealed and the better players are being welcomed and stepping in. Countermeasures to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific. All is as it should be. Carry on good people. Let the resentment salesman do their thing, we all have a choice of what to buy!

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Keep peddling mate. They are 100% free to make up their own minds, which they are doing as we speak.

@Awa no Gaijin. China didn't colonize or ever attempted to colonize such a large area as the nations that have irreversibly and disrespectfuly negatively impacted the region

Keep sellin that! China the anti-colonialist. Here to see the region and world free. As loudly as possible if you would be so kind.

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Non thing to add to a lot of comments here, except, these people, obviously led, pushed, etc, by the American. Can go about doing such things with A Straight Face??? No embarrassment at all?? Due to complete/total neglect/forgotten, etc, about this region, for how long? At least 30 years? and suddenly showing some interest because their competitor is present??

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No country cared about the Solomon Islands and no country ever helped them financially in terms of aid until China signed tan agreement with the Solomon Islands.

A complete false statement. New Zealand and Australia have supported Solomon Islands through security assistance, aid programs, Pacific patrol boats and many other things over many decades. Learn a little history before commenting please.

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"Free and open Indo Pacific" sounds more and more like plain coersion. on the other hand, China is pure business. So who's the real free and open one? Those people are not stupid, theyve made their choices

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The outgoing leader of Micronesia said it best, detailing Chinese espionage, bribery, coercion, threats to public official's safety.


And then there is the infamous Port Moresby "data center" built with a grant from PRC that has never worked as a data center but works very well as an intelligence gathering center.


The CCP are sob's, but the wumao here will never admit it.

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Pacific islanders will never let China ruin peace in the region.

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