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Japan drops 'deflation' from report for first time in four years


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drops the word deflation, LOL with all the manipulation of data even if there is still deflation there wont be in the J gov eyes, just as there will be"encouraging signs" in the economy when consumption drops after the 8% hike. 10% hike will come no matter how bad the economy gets. add to that the relaxing of labour laws (less pay, more work, easier for companies to hire/fire) 5% hike doesnt sound like much but to the average Mr & Mrs Sato it will be felt.

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Yeah, give it another four years and it will be replaced with 'depression' after the ass drops out of Abenomics.

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Dropping the word "deflation" from the report is pure propaganda.

The above article wraps up with these comments by senior economist Hideki Matsumura: “It is too early to declare an end to deflation. It is still uncertain if the 2 percent target can be achieved as planned.”

So watch your money in 2014. It's bound to get less and less as the year wears on ...

Abenomics ... ugh ....

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And with the temporarily low metals prices, it's a good time to reduce one's currency exposure.

The word "deflation" may have been dropped, but before too long it'll be replaced with a more dour word.

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Everyone had been warned by Shinzo Abe that this word cannot be used. It is now a prohibited word under the Secrets Act.

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Why on earth would a whole population want prices of every day goods to rise? I understand the economics behind it, but economics is a science for people with money and power. I would imagine The babas and single mothers out there and all the soushoku danshi don't want to have To spend more money. No ones wages are going to increase. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

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Why would anyone buy anything if it will be cheaper tomorrow? Inflation isn't great, but a bit of inflation is better than hyper inflation, stagflation, or a deflationary spiral. Inflation is basically an automatic stealth tax levied on everyone, but deflation leads to businesses going out of business, and lets those who are already established prosper, while squashing the little guy, so a little inflation is the best of all evils.

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