Japan eases self-imposed arms export ban


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In the long term, any move always has the risk of historical drift, but that is not inherent and, personally, I find it unlikely in this case in pacifist Japan. So, this really could work out well on multiple levels.

I just have to trust that what happened in Iraq and Libya will never be considered to be "missions of peace-building and international cooperation." Making a point of not supporting any such preemptive missions would go a long ways towards keeping the Japanese from being splashed with the muck of any other nation's military meddling.

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"Inherent" should have been replaced with "inevitable" to keep the logic tight.

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Well, might as well start using your high-tech knowhow and sell weapons like just about everybody else is...USA, Europe, Russia, China, etc, This should boost innovation and start up the factories again. The result would be many billions of Yen boosting the industrial base in Japan, thereby helping Japan Inc. get out of this economic quagmire they're in. It's too bad they had to resort to this in the end...

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Weapons are necessary evil. We import a lot of them from America currently so I think it's a good idea that now we can start building them here and possibly export them to other countries.

It should help the economy a little.

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