Japan economy may have bottomed out in late 2012: government panel


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It is still too early to tell. All this excitement is based on pure speculations and the intentional misinterpretation of statistics cooked up by the Abe Government to lull the Japanese public into thinking his policies are working. Take stock after one year before you start reporting success. Just remember that one bird does not a summer make.

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"GDP data released earlier this month showed the economy expanded 2.6% on an annualized basis in the second quarter of this year, slowing from 3.8% growth in the first quarter."

Don't let this BS fool you. Japan's GDP has actually crashed if measured in other currency than the yen!

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The BoJ has doubled the money supply and the effect has been slight at best.

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" increased personal consumption " equals the stockbrokers , finance and real estate guys spending big mola on brand luxury goods, jewellery and cars, then everyone else spending.more of their weekly budget on more expensive gas, electricity charges and food. That's Abenomics so far in a nutshell for you.

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please define "what is bottomed out?", there is no such thing as 'bottom out' in an economy, it can still keep going negative without realistic plan for the economy. Look at Greece, they never bottomed out, they keep going down.

increasing sale tax will definitely damaging into the economy on top of sending 100 delegations to TPP for deals..... amazing how much money can be saved from sending 10-20 delegations instead of sending 100.

Easing of Japanese Yen is a good strategy to improve the economy but increasing sale tax will coz the economy to reverse.

Any first year naïve economy student knows 'Sale tax will affect the economy no matter how big or small"... it is as simple as ABC.

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In the USA, favorable economic statistics were released a few months before presidential elections by the incumbent President, only to be revised downwards to less favorable numbers after the elections. This shows the government lied. I am sure Prime Minister Abe is doing the same things to make Abenomics look good to the general Japanese population. The depreciating yens help Japanese exporters by making exports cheaper, but makes the trade deficits (imports minus exports) bigger.

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Compared to last year, the weaker yen is helping Japanese exports to foreign countries. Japan’s exports exceeded estimates this year and the trade deficit narrowed. This is making Japanese products more competitive in overseas markets.

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