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Emperor, empress treat Trumps with French dinner, live orchestra


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Everyone was wearing black, white, silver or a similar shade for the occasion. Huckabee decides to wear hot pink. Also, someone should teach Trump to button up his tux. These guys are a bunch of circus clowns.

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@ Yubaru - LOL, but drinking also brings out the real personality. I once had a co-worker who was the nicest guy, but he turned into a real mr. Hyde when he had drinks in him. Wonder what Trump would be like after he's had a few

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Wow Trump is really getting the red carpet rolled out.

Ultimately, as long as the USA and Japan are both strong, and their ties good, Japan is safer.

Thats all that matters to me.

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This trip is progressing beautifully and confirming the strong bond between the USA and Japan.

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Shameful. Either Japanese people have inferiority complex even about their cuisine or Trump hates raw stuff. Both?

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Also the same thing.

But japanese food is not all about raw food.

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It is an intelligent way to say "here we eat of everything". We are not nationalist. ;)

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Ok, can we move on now?

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how democratic, that we who pay for it all are allowed glimpses of the privileged at play.....

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Emperor Naruhito's speech (in translation) was excellent...except referring to the "dumpster" as honorable was a bit of a stomach turner...incredibly polite but it hardly applies to this man.

As far as "dumpty's" speech, for someone who thinks he is a genius, he sure does seem to have trouble reading

-2 ( +5 / -7 )

@ John Beara : Ok, can we move on now?


Exactly .

99.9% of Japanese work their butts off so their taxes can go for this kind of fatuous extravaganza

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Amazing couple.

-2 ( +5 / -7 )

What a magnificent event!

-1 ( +4 / -5 )

Where does the wine really come from ?

You guess right. I am not teetotal.

Happy times for the priviledged on the back of the populace.

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To be at this banquet with the Trumps and The Emperor and Empress, eating course after course after course for hours, is my dream! It would have been a splendid night. Mrs Trump and The Empress look stunning, and Trump and The Emperor look very dandy. Everyone is envious!

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As to the banquet, it was broadcast live on NHK. Good to see G7 countries that get along well, and can unite to face their common foe, China. The new Emperor and Empress will be nothing but good for Japan/US relations.

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Don't put your thumb on the rim of your glass, Trump. Sheesh..

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Glad to see our tax money going to good use. Maybe after the tax hike, next year's visit can be even more elaborate. The level of subservience is downright embarrassing.

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The imperial household orchestra performed music which included "Over the Rainbow" from the 1939 film classic "The Wizard of Oz."

Why was the Wizard of Oz music play? Instead of say Ryuichi Sakamoto, jpop or Utada Hikaru who is bilingual perhaps.

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This is a magnificent occasion! It's a great shame that some refuse to recognize nor appreciate neither the historical significance nor splendor of the auspicious occasion and rather heap vitriol instead. Sad. Very sad.

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@mrnoidalI'm just happy they didn't blow half the national budget at Jiro Sukiyabashi sushi--at 30,000 yen for 20mins--like they did when Obama came. 

To make a statement like that you must have inside info on the cost differences between Obama's dinner and Trump's. Can you provide that info? Or are you just flaming. Again.

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I was happy to see Empress Masako casting off her prior unhappiness in last 20 years and finally smiling and chatting happily with Trump and his wife. She is very engaged now, and a new chapter awaits her as the smiling compassionate Empress. It took a while but she made it. 30 more years of this! Bravo, Masako

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Danny Bloom:

I was happy to see Empress Masako casting off her prior unhappiness in last 20 years and finally smiling and chatting happily 

She really has come alive.

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Trump's base in the heartlands battered by tornadoes and floods in a disaster of catastrophic dimensions and now facing a costly clean up must really be delighted to see their Dear Leader on Faux News golfing and basking in the lavish buttk*ssing extravaganza while on his imperial junket to Japan at their expense. He might have some explaining to do at his rallies when he resumes his Trumptour of the Midwest.

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Japanese cuisine and a mix of american food may be best. I am just sorry that Empress Masako had to meet trump on her 1st party.

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Emperor and Empress treat Trump - translation: the tax payers of Japan treat Trump.

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Trump will go back to his room and have a couple burgers and some KFC Melania will go back to her room for a stiff drink and the Royal couple will go back to their room and have a good laugh!

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All of this pomp and show is way beyond DT comfort/status level my be he would be better off with a bucket of pop corn and Deisny cartoon. but on the other hand if it brings closer working ties and stronger relations between these two magnificent countries, it will be worth it.

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I can hear it now... "French dinner? Where are the French Fries?"

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