Japan enacts ¥13 tril FY2023 extra budget for inflation relief


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Japan approach to tackle inflation, fight fire with gasoline.

How many inflation relief being given so far


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His government's economic package, including a temporary tax cut of 40,000 yen per person that will be implemented next year, has so far done little to turn the tide in his favor.

Maybe because ,many working for Japan Inc. on non-living wages are paying more than that in taxes per month on their meager salaries.

Add consumption taxes into the mix and it is a cruel joke.

Of course keep funneling subsidies to oil companies supposedly lowering fuel costs and businesses that are supposed to be raising wages.

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I’m looking forward to more economic mismanagement as it makes the yen weaker and I only hold foreign currency-thanks government of Japan

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Keep on printing those 10.000 Yen bills!

You're just so good at that!

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70.000jpy ?

what is considered as "low income household"?

i did not see any lines in text.or should we wait for one more article?

it seems that some people may "get" money collected from taxes all of us are paying and many will get nothing.gov debt will get even bigger.

what "great" news for everone,lets hope printers for money will not get overheated...

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Probably wouldn’t have to provide relief funds for the cost of living if you know, jgov would have denied the energy companies 2x price hike in certain regions. The obvious exploit of “wages will go up for many in spring” early in the year quickly followed by “gas and electric prices must go up to keep with …demand?” Was wild. Even more they needed government approval to do it and was allowed to despise wage increases being in single digits most only 1-3%

literally causing their own problems constantly

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What is that like 10,000 yen per head? Looking forward to getting mine soon.

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What is that like 10,000 yen per head?

Try again.

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I was dismayed to see that some of the opposition parties voted in favour of this.

There is clearly no contender for small government in Japanese politics.

The total size of government spending for fiscal 2023 will swell to 127.58 trillion yen, of which about a third will be secured by issuing government debt.

Disgraceful. Reckless.

The government will step up work toward the end of the year to formulate a draft budget for the next fiscal year from April, faced with the difficult task of reducing spending closer to pre-coronavirus pandemic levels.

It’s not difficult at all.

Just stop spending so much money.

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Waste of money. It doesn't help fight inflation - it helps inflation.

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