Japan enacts legislation to facilitate employment until age 70


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I fear the start of what was predicted by Sci-Fi during my Youth:


Viruses targeting the Elderly are just the start.... who is deemed Elderly these days ? 70, 60, 50 or even 40 year olds ?

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When will I ever be able to Retire ?

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Japan is on the brink of a massive public health crisis right now, but I sure am glad the Diet is hard at work making sure they can squeeze five more years of labor out of me in my old age.

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Die to zero savings and crap wages, I won't be able to retire if I can't receive my pension straight away. I am happy this law may help me.

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This is all due consecutive governments borrowing money and increasing the size of Japan's monumental debt and servicing costs (interest payments). The massive and continually mounting debt and interest payments have to be maintained. Without continually taxing workers and borrowing even more money the government would be unable to pay the interest payments.

Basically, if we ran our personal or business finances like the governments model, we would be locked up for fraud. Fact.

Everyone thinks Japan is a super wealthy country. That is BS and a pure illusion. Japan government spending and borrowing is like a spoilt teenage girl spending with an open ended credit card and expecting others to pay for it.

Well it's us and our children who have to pay for the endless line of inept leaders and finance ministers.

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The good question to ask is there going to be work. Seems for me like big unemployment is coming up!


I would be delighted if the government could guarantee me gainful employment until the age of 70.

No going to happen, though.

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Companies don't want workers much past 45. They want to get rid of you. They want young workers who are easy to control. compliant and cheap. Work until 70, you're just having a laugh.

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Next: "If you work until you die, then you may have your pension."

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60% of non regular workers just follow Aso's advice, cup noodles. He has no problem with that spends more on cigarettes than these people spend on food.

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The better question is what do the 60% of workers with non-regular positions do to feed themselves until they turn 70?

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This is a precursor to raising the age at which people can collect government pensions. They expect a lot of people to drop in harness and thus reduce pension costs.

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The problem here is the lack of performance-related pay. If the government makes this mandatory, it will force companies to retain 60 year olds with poor performance at seniority-based pay. A high performing worker at 35 should be paid more than 62 year old who can barely use a computer.

My other point is that if someone who has been a seishain for nearly forty years, all with shakai hoken, still needs a full-time salary at sixty, what financial position do you think other sixty year olds are in? On average, they are going to have far less money.

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We definitely have our work life balance all wrong in Japan.

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After 70 most people are exhausted and very few are fit and the only place most will head to after slaving for close to 50 years is "Rojin Home"

Basically what this means is that,after all these years of slavery,you will not enjoy your retirement,in worse case scenario,it will be from slavery,rojin homu,straight into your grave.

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The good question to ask is there going to be work. Seems for me like big unemployment is coming up!

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No way, these older workers get much higher salaries which could be used to pay younger employees more and entice them into companies for long stay careers. Get rid of the old goats, we all see just sitting behind some desk half awake or taking smoke breaks. OUT..go enjoy life and let the younger generation live. Quit being greedy.

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Enough at 60, just because the old stupid guys keep going because they are greedy does not mean the younger generation is less to do the same. Times have changed and this is only a last ditch attempt by the old guys holding on to control. Get out old people and enjoy your lives or leave the rest of us to enjoy them for you.

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So politicians with their snouts buried deep in the tax payer (trough) money, now want their cash cows to work pay tax for longer so they can continue getting public funds into their 80s? Now that's quality of life....for some.

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Rainyday, Klausforth, Tora - what else do you want the government to do about this?

A large number of the Japanese population will live well into their 80’s, and for many women it will be into their 90’s. There is simply no financial plausibility in provisioning a 30-year retirement as it stands.

Many Japanese are still very healthy as they move towards their 70’s, and of those many are able to work.

The mandatory company retirement system, however, certainly needs wholesale changes.

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I am not surprised if I see headline like this in near future

'2025 : Japan will raise employment until age 75!'

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businesses to endeavor to employ older workers ... the newly enacted legislation is not mandatory.

nothing changes...

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Instead, in this time of crisis, why not take the lead and pioneer ideas that challenge the entire work, work, work paradigm, Japan?

Indeed , but this is TIJ....so lets just go with half arsed measures as always.

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Gobo got it right. I bet once this is enacted you will see the start of pensions go up to age 70. This will save the govt. a fortune.

It will force people to work until 70 as they won’t be collecting their pensions. Sure am glad I am collecting mine. I hope some of you others get out before this starts.

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When you join a Japanese company you sign an oath til death do us part.

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Perhaps we should be teaching children in schools how to manage finances and save money.

If you've worked for 50 years, you shouldn't need to keep at it.

I know not everyone can save money all the time, but spending money on alcohol, cigarettes, pachinko, women, isn't a wise thing to do.

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"let employees work"

How so very kind of the government!

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Maybe I should consider early retirement, before turning 65?

They just got no ideas how to deal with the aging society.

The only thing they are thinking about is how to get more money to waste.

Shame on them!

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Instead, in this time of crisis, why not take the lead and pioneer ideas that challenge the entire work, work, work paradigm, Japan?

The system is broken.

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What about the pension? You can't get it until 70 now?

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The only question here is whether the retirement age is rolled back.

That wont happen!

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And there goes another 5 years of my retirement.

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This will be meaningless if there are no provisions to stop companies from forcing people to officially "retire" at age 60, and then keep them on, as basically, slave labor, for the last 10!

Salaries are cut, no bonuses, no "position", but forced to do the EXACT same work!

Make the "mandatory" retirement 65! and make it a law punishable with hefty fines, for those that do not comply!

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