Japan enthusiastic about Caroline Kennedy's possible appointment as ambassador


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is she qualified, other than being famous, Kim Kardashian is more famous if that is the criteria

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They want a nice pretty face with a pedigree to show off at official functions. She'll be fine. Ambassadors are by and large a dated concept, like royalty. Their function is primarily ceremonial.

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Credit to the Obama Administration for understanding that the celebrity factor is too-often more important in Japan than actual qualification, experience, etc. They've got a winner here with Caroline Kennedy, an attractive blonde with ties to Camelot...

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Credit to the Obama Administration for understanding that the celebrity factor is too-often more important in Japan than actual qualification, experience, etc. They've got a winner here with Caroline Kennedy, an attractive blonde with ties to Camelot...

OR...another attempt to whittle down the Kennedy family tree through radiation exposure.

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Ambassadors are figure heads sort of like the emperor and the queen. The staff does the work. Same for Obama, he has very little to do with the daily running of government. but congress is worse, they create inefficiencies.

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Japan, as a top-tier diplomatic "assignment", goes to the highest bidder, uh, I mean, most generous campaign supporter. Less attractive destinations are divvied out accordingly.

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I think this just reflects Obama's basic attitude about Japan: I don't care.

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Stupid star-struck dummies.

A message to the world on how to deal with Japan: get a (very minor) celeb as your diplomat.

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If Obama's gonna choose a Kennedy, guess she's a better choice than her reprobate male relatives.

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Had Hillary Clinton not had the former president Clinton`s name behind her.. she would never had entered politics.. one can see what, in her past life, having very little political experience, prior to her political activities in NYC. Still, I hope Mrs Kennedy has the same liberal philosophical principles as her namesakes had.

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"Japan’s top government spokesman said it would be a “big news” for the country if she gets the nomination."

Ah, so that's why. Thought so. It's kinda like making a famous Judo wrestler a politician because of the name, only this time they want a more international splash. I'm really just curious what they're going to say about her -- "Well, we're disappointed that she doesn't agree with our stance on certain issues... very regrettable... but WE HAVE CAROLINE KENNEDY!!!"

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Not sure why. Here is one short extract on her qualification for the job

Not a huge amount, no. Specifically, one disastrous flirtation when she ran for a seat in the Senate five years ago. The would-be campaign – described by the Washington Post as "a surreal train wreck" – came off the tracks almost immediately when critics seized upon her verbal tic of repeating the words "you know" as evidence of a lack of political nous.

Just cronyism and another nod to the importance of celebrity in modern society.

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You shouldn't underestimate Ms.Kennedy, an accomplished author, attorney, and editor in her own right. She's NOT just another "blonde" celebrity.

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Whoever of the American come to Japan, the only purpose is to instigate the conflictions of Asia and benefit from them. And they are benefiting from them now!

Wake up Japanese!

do not delete my comment, idiot webside administrater.

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Too bad. We need brains and strong leadership in ALL our embassies. Especially now, but what would you expect from the current admin, no matter what the sctabers of the world want to believe about all the propped up celebrities and manufactured icons? Look who we have steering the ship. Pfffftt..

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Caroline Kennedy is not a dumb blonde as you think.

I agree there are better candidates available for Japan from US Academic arena.

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I can see Caroline Kennedy at elaborate tea ceremonies with the Empress already!

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what's the big deal?

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Caroline is the Perfect Choice for this Job!

She will serve our interest as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, and I'm sure if Jack Kennedy were alive today, he'd really be proud of his daughter.

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Fascinating irony here. An armed Japan split and sunk Caroline's father's PT Boat, and now his daughter walks on water and is welcome -- with open arms! ;-)

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People talk about how in North Korea the leadership is handed from father to son, like a personality cult. Yet the US does the same thing. Look at Bushes and Kennedys. Now the Kennedys are coming to Tokyo. It is the same everywhere, not just N. Korea. And look at Japan....

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This is a joke right? She inherited a boatload of money and has a famous last name. I don't know of anything she has actually done to merit her being selected for a high profile diplomatic job. I guess the fact that her Daddy left her a stack of cash a mile high is her chief qualification. Condi Rice would have been a much better choice.

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What the hell were Roos' qualifications, anyway? "Campaign donor"?

Someone with a legal background is more likely to function in more than a ceremonial capacity.

The liberal/progressive ethos of her father and uncle in politics might be a good fit at present, when nationalism, etc. is increasing in Japan.

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Let's face it, the Japanese would be even more enthusiastic if Mickey Mouse was appointed ambassador.

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