Japan-EU free trade pact to come into force on Feb 1


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So, does this mean I will get "real" cheese and wine for a decent price in the future?

> Can hardly wait to see that coming!

Same! Oh and the most important one for me: cheeper BEEF. Beef in Japan is ridiculously expensive.

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Unfortunately, in typical Japanese style, the tariff on beef will be cut from 38.5% to 9% over a whopping 15 years. Some cheeses will have no tariffs, but others will be limited to quotas. At the end of the day, I fear this agreement will make the several layers middlemen much richer, while leaving consumers paying probably about the same as we're paying now.

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Certainly a useful side development.

Hopefully we will see the next U.S Pres be far more proactive in an overall, multilateral trade agreement with allies while maintaining a bilateral approach to non-allies. That is the best approach I feel.

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