Japan, EU aim to close trade deal this year


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When I purchased my little Honda Kei, the most decisive aspects of determining the deal is the warranty.

If in the unlikely chance when returning home from the supermarket. I was unexpectedly over taken by any one of the vehicles four wheels, I can confidently, warranty in hand, 'vent my spleen' at the Honda dealer

Attempting to finalize a bilateral free trade deal without recourse to a comprehensive secure agreed procedure to settle investment disputes is akin to purchasing a car without any binding written guarantee .

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Japan, EU aim to close trade deal this year

I seriously doubt they'll be able to bridge those gaps so quickly. But as the old saying goes, time will tell

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Monsanto will love this clause.

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which gives a company the right to sue a state for compensation if it believes its investment has been harmed by a government decision

opps or got to ad.

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The agreement was rushed, and the announcement's timing was done for political reasons. Similar to the TPP earlier this month when Japan tried to push a "broad agreement" and then lied that one had been achieved.

For both deals, the devil will be in the details, which will take many, many years to iron out, if they get ironed out at all.

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