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Japan, EU vow utmost efforts to put free trade deal into force


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The EU-Japan investment negotiations could well be the deal breaker.....

Without investment protection what remains is a meaningless political declaration......


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A "Free-Trade" deal with a bunch of caveats.

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It's gonna be interesting how this agreement eventually works once in force. Free trade often causes more damage than benefits and it could well be the case here.

If it didn't, Mexico would be a shining star. Instead it's growth rate is below average for a developing economy and its once staple corn/maize industry has been devastated by NAFTA, dislocating and impoverishing many farmers.

Will Japan or France tolerate these kind of developments in their homelands-- for the sake of corporate profits? I wonder. Both are prosperous thanks to the open US market and generous assistance, more than anything. Now they've got each other to rely on.

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