Japan extends North Korea sanctions


The government on Tuesday announced that it was extending economic sanctions against North Korea for one more year.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura told a news conference that the decision to extend sanctions was in response to North Korea's decision to launch a rocket this month and also because of a lack of progress on the abduction issue, TBS reported.

The sanctions ban all trade between the two countries as well as barring the entry of North Korean ferries into Japanese ports.

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So Japan reneges again. No surprises there. It's a shame that after all Koizumi's efforts Japan back-tracked and decided to renege on any and all aid decided on in the historic meeting with KJI. Next they'll be blaming it all on NK.

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Extending (proven) Ineffective meansure? no doubt Japan is leading in anime comics !

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Japan is totally messing themselves up in every way. All of the decisions that they have been making are crippling Japan slowly. They are making so many useless decisions that will not help Japan to become a great nation. It will make Japan to become worst by the days.

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Why extend a year at a time? They should just implement the sanctions as active until a regime change.

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Absurd in terms of the sanction list -- do they need anything from Japan after all these years of 'sanction' -- even more absurd are some if the reasons -- launching satellite / missile. India kept launching both weekly.. Any sanction ? Abduction ( admittedly, this has hurt Japanese citizens hence justified as a reason ) what progress do you want them to put forward ?

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